My Sewing Area: Before and After

3:54:00 AM

Very slowly, I'm checking things off of my 'to-do' list.

My husband and I finally got the basement all tidied up and, after a long trip to IKEA, the furniture and bins all set up and organized in my 'new' sewing area.

I love it.

Here are the pics.


New machine! LOVE IT!!
All my rulers and mats hanging; bins all set up

LOVE my table-top ironing board!

What a great set up :)

Hubs even picked me up a carpet in the 'As Is' section for $20 -
didn't want my feet to get cold in the winter!
And one of me and my little one...I'm trying to brain wash her early ;)

Loving my new space. Yesterday I completed my Bee blocks and it was SO nice to sneak to the basement and get it done, in my own place!

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  1. Looks great! xo

    1. Thanks very much Jessica!! Thanks for popping by :)

  2. It looks fantastic Erin - you're so organized!!

    1. Thanks Kristen - agh, not that organized, just trying to fill the time with projects, you know? One of which was set up :) Thanks for popping by! xo

  3. Hi Erin, thanks for popping by my site which introduced me to yours! Your sewing room looks fantastic! I grabbed one of your buttons and popped it on my page too :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! Love your blog, by the way!!


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