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So it seems as though lately, when it rains it pours.

We just finished moving house, which, not so eloquently put, SUCKED. Now I'm busy trying to darn shorts torn whilst moving large pieces of furniture, hem sheers so our neighbors can't gawk, and set up a sewing area in our basement that will be all my own. 

I'm excited.

All the while, trying to raise my 4 month old; part of that raising is comprised of our daily walks in our new neighborhood...and well, what do you know? To my surprise there's a MASSIVE fabric shop 2 blocks away. 

Can you say...jackpot?

Sewing Area:
So I've never had a dedicated sewing area; it's always just been me sitting at a tiny, wobbly desk with the computer keyboard shoved aside and cutting on a tiny mat on a tiny kitchen table. Then we bought a diningroom table which, much to my husband's dismay, acquired all of my sewing gear - in all its glory.

Now that we're leasing a new, bigger place, I can actually set up an area in the basement for all of my sewing stuff, and I'm really excited about it.

On our last trip to Ikea, I decided on this table and chair for the space:

So now it's just a matter of cleaning up the area (right now, it's become the dumping ground for all of our boxes we haven't unpacked yet). More on all of this soon (I hope!).

Quilting Project 1:
A lovely group of ladies and myself have decided to start a quilting Bee for the next year, starting this month. Very exciting stuff! We'll each have to complete 2 blocks per round, and there'll be 6 rounds. 

Jaclyn from is the head of round 1, and this is an example of the project we're all contributing to:
It's an "I Spy" log cabin block; we'll each have to construct 2 blocks at 8.5" square and then mail them off to her. She'll then construct the quilt top with the blocks she receives from all of us. Very fun. 

I have dibs on round 3, so that'll run November-December. I'll have to figure out what kind of block I'll do! Some of the girls in this Bee have never quilted before, which is *very* exciting!

Quilting Project #2:
This would be the project I previously mentioned here. The friend and I who are doing this project together are thoroughly disappointed that the main fabric we're using, Seaside Cottage for Henry Glass, hasn't arrived yet in online shops for purchase. Gah! It was supposed to have a ship date of "June", now, apparently, it's been pushed back to "July". Sucks! 
Quilting Project #3:
This would be the king-size quilt I'm making for our masterbed. I've decided to go with a main print of this (again from "Seaside Cottage"):
I'm definitely going to do a chevron pattern, like this:

.... concentrating on the reds and teals within the main fabric when I'm matching them up. I've decided to definitely send the quilt out for quilting once I've constructed the top.

In other news...
I bought this presser foot on Amazon for my machine; it's a Curve Master 1/4" presser - and apparently it's got a bunch of attachments which makes it universal and able to attach to any sewing machine - we'll see. I've been burned before.
But, I like that it's clear plastic, and I've recently fallen in love with the Drunkard's Path pattern and thought, what the heck, I'll treat myself.

I also treated myself to a new Omnigrid pack, containing 1 each of 4.5, 6.5, 9.5, and 12.5 inch square rulers. I wanted a 12.5" square for my Quilting Project #2, but for a few dollars more you got 3 more rulers. So what the heck.

More later gaters!

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