Introducing: Tips & Tricks Tuesdays. What would MacGyver do?

3:57:00 PM

So I've been playing with this idea for a while, and I think it's a good one. I just hope that now that I've gone and said that, it will be. (ha ha)

I'm starting a linky-party. It's called "Tips & Tricks Tuesdays". Every Tuesday, I'll post a  tip or a trick for or about sewing that I find useful in my everyday creative life, and, you the reader, are encouraged to post a tip on your blog, too. Please join me! I don't wanna be lonely...

What I would ask would be for you to link to the bottom of my post using the InLinkz button, and then grab the button that looks like this (located in the sidebar):

and post it on your blog, with a link back to my blog. Eventually, if this little project does well in the first few weeks, I'll post a sign-up schedule for anyone who may like to host "Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: What would MacGyver Do?" And, of course, you'd get a pretty little "I Hosted Tips & Tricks Tuesdays" button bling...

Your tip or trick doesn't have to be earth-shattering, mind-blowing in nature. Use dryer sheets for foundation piecing? Great! Post about it. Have a crazy way to clean your iron? Awesome! We want to hear about it! Anything goes - any tip about your sewing area, sewing style, sewing life, bring it!

The first "Tips & Tricks Tuesday" will be on Tuesday, October 9! Mark your calendars!

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  1. Great Idea... I could use any tricks and tips out there! Not sure if I'll have any to share yet but it sounds like fun

    1. Oh, I would think that with all of the bags you've made, you have a tip or a trick hidden somewhere! :D


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