Long weekend shenanigans

9:26:00 AM

So. What have I been up to.

"Sew at Home Mummy" has a new blog button in the right side bar. Got bored last night while my little one slept (finally) and designed a new one. I like it.
I also edited the post image that I had previously; now I have 2 nice spools of thread beside each new post:
My little thread spools :)
And I added new banners to the sidebar:
new little swirly frames

As well, Friday I received some new fabric for a couple of projects that I'm about to start. 
I picked up some quilt panels of the 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' story book line and some jelly rolls; my plan is to create a couple of unique Eye-Spy quilts for a few of the babies in my life. More on that project soon.

Friday I completed my contribution to the Buzzle Quilting Bee round 2; we had to create two 9-patch blocks in greens, yellows, blacks, greys, and whites. I ordered a couple of charm packs from Connecting Threads and completed my blocks quickly:

Sitting, twiddling my thumbs, I thought, hey. I need to design my blocks for my round of the Buzzle Quilting Bee (which is round 3! next round!) so I got to sketching and planning. I've decided to stick with a primary fabric of this, from Kate Spain's "Serenade" for Moda line:
I'm excited to get started on it and to share what I'm going to do with it, but since some Buzzlers visit my site from time to time, we'll have to wait...oh the suspense...

Commence thumb twiddling again....

Ok, so then I thought about the vent in our kitchen. We moved in in June and I haven't had a chance to dismantle it and clean it. Because - it is DISGUSTING. I think it hasn't been cleaned since it was put in in the 30's. Seriously. The grease on it was growing grease. Now, this place has been a rental since the 20's when the mansion was converted to 3 flats. So I guess I can understand why it wouldn't be cleaned, but come on people. GROSS.

Before....don't mind the hideous wallpaper
After I removed the grated cover:
Years and YEARS of grease
And then I pulled the insert and flappers out:
the gaping black hole to the outside....
 And then the scrubbing began. An hour later, after a bath in dish soap and Mr. Clean, and then a good scrub with a Brillo pad (SOS pad), BAM! Look at this puppy!
I even scrubbed the screws, because yes, that's the
Type-A person I am...
Now to do something with that hideous wallpaper....

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  1. Did you take a course to learn how to do all the designs to your web page? It is like another language to me, I can't even figure out how to add my email, haha.

    You are fast on the blocks, I better get going on them as well as I will soon be pretty busy.

    Love the tease for your round!

    1. Hey girl!
      No, I didn't take a course - it's all self-taught html language stuff. Books from the library, online resources, etc. Are you using Blogger or Wordpress interface? I might be able to help you a bit with your template if you need something - just let me know. :)

      As for the blocks and being fast - it just so happened that Friday was my 'me' day where my hubs looks after our LO and I managed to get my fabrics that morning so I got them done quickly. Plus, I'm trying to abide by the 'complete one thing a week' rule :)

      As for my round - oh, just wait!! lol.


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