Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Prairie Points Tutorial

9:00:00 PM

Welcome to Tips and Tricks Tuesdays!

Here's a quick tutorial on Prairie Points.

1. Choose your size of squares. I used 3" squares but any square size would do, just depends on how big you want your triangles. Press them nice and smooth (haha - not like mine in the picture)

 2. Fold your square on the diagonal, matching edges, and press.
 3. Fold your triangle in half again, matching cut edges. Press & starch.
 4. Now you have a perfect little prairie point.
 5. The nice part of doing it this way is that you can stack your prairies within each other, like so:
6. I like to pin them together and then baste them along the raw edge with a 1/8" seam once they're stacked to keep them together.

That's it!

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