a new bee in town...get your hex on, people!

2:00:00 PM

Why hello lovelies!

I received a nice email from one of my fellow Bee sistas, and she's buzzin' up some new bee-age!

Get your hex on, people! It's EPP time!

Stacey, over at the Tilted Quilt, is starting up a new hexagon-only bee for us hex-addicts ;)

She's got a sign up sheet on her blog; she's only taking 12 participants, so get on over there and fill out the form if you're interested - don't delay! It's gonna be a fun one!!

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  1. Thanks Erin! It should be lots of fun - and the first step to hex addiction recovery is admitting you have a problem. So, sign up quickly :)

  2. All signed up :) I'm excited to try something new


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