Busy, busy!

4:30:00 AM

I'm in the middle of finishing up a quilt for the MQG's Madrona Road Challenge; I had ordered a binding tool from one of the big online companies...

usually they're quite good about shipping immediately, but not so this time...and my email inquiries have gone unanswered...

normally I'm not one to leave ordering something like this to the last minute, but I only had 2 weeks to complete the project as it is... so now, I have to try and do it sans-tool and hope I don't eff it up, lol. Normally I bind with a simple fold and tuck, but I don't like the lump it causes...

In other news, my friend Linh is having a sale in her store, check it out (LiMa Sews). Sale ends today, so hurry! Look at this sampling of pretty threads on sale!

The 3-Zip Sew Along starts today, so I'll have to get my but in gear on that, too.

As well, I'm working on a project for the upcoming Hugs & Kisses Hop, and an upcoming tutorial for Sew, Mama, Sew (coming in February)... so, busy, busy!

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  1. Erin...I have a binding tutorial on my blog. It was the first tutorial I wrote for Sew We Quilt 2 years ago. No binding tool necessary. It is easy with step by step instructions. My blog has a 'print friendly' button too. If you need help send me an email. You can do this, yes you can.

    Mme Samm commented...Binding will no doubt be made easier for me. This has been something that has been somewhat of a challenge...sew now I am ready. Your tut was fabulous.

    Happy stitching, Pauline


  2. Please do a review of the binding tool, I've been curious about it. I can never seem to make that funky join at the end!


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