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So, back in December the MQG teamed up with Michael Miller Fabrics and designer Violet Craft to supply participating guild members from all over the world with samples from Violet's line, "Madrona Road", and challenged those participating to create something "quilty", showcasing the line.

I was up for the challenge, so I requested to participate.

I received fat eighths of the following fabrics:

Madrona Road - Background Yellow; Charcoal Memoir, Charcoal Morning Glory, Blue Wild Carrot, Blue Sweet Field.
.... and to those fat eighths I received, I added some of the following from my stash:
Riley Blake "Licorice", Kona "Cactus", Kona "White", Kona "Denim", MM Madrona Road "Straw Wild Carrot"
Here was the challenge for us:

"Modern Quilt Guild Madrona Road Challenge: Create a project where you try something new to you. It could be a new technique, new style, something you've never made before. Use only these fabrics, and add only solids or more Madrona Road in any color. There is no requirement to make quilts, but since we're a quilt guild, something quilted is encouraged."

The something "new" to me?

  • I used improvisational piecing - 100%. No pattern, no previous design, nothing. Just sat there, fabric in hand, design wall in use, and sewed. And cut. And sewed. And cut. And sewed some more!
  • I had never used inset circles in a quilt
  • I've never quilted with fat eighths
  • This color scheme is a little out of my wheelhouse - but extremely beautiful!
  • I've never put black in a quilt before; I've used it as binding, but never within it - and I loved using black!
  • As well, I have never done a pieced back before - and I had a lot of fun doing it!:

Piecing the back

I wanted to focus on the fairy-tale written print, so I centered it within the quilt; I felt like the designer may have designed all of the other prints around this cute story.

So... here's what I came up with. I call it:

"Sunrise, sunset over Madrona Road" (finished size: 48" x 48"):

Close up of quilting:
The back:

And, it's not easy making a quilt with such little fabric to go on...or at least it wasn't for me, so this part was challenging enough in and of itself. My scrap pile of left-over, unused fabrics?

Pretty small - basically just selvages :)

And as usual, I had the most difficulties deciding on how to quilt it. It took me 2 days of staring at it to decide.
My favorite part of quilting?
TRIMMING!! It means I'm almost done, lol!

So, I've entered it in the Challenge on the MQG Madrona Road Challenge Flickr group. Wish me luck (unless you've entered one yourself, then, I say, good luck to me, good luck to you, too!)

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  1. Erin, This is fabulous! You've met and exceeded the challenge in so many ways. Can't wait to see this in person.

  2. It's gorgeous, Erin! I love that you did so many "new" things in one piece. The quilting really brings out the sunrise/set.

    I did not do a quilt but I did do quilting. I've got to get my photos uploaded...

  3. What a beautiful job! It is very artistic, I hope you win!

  4. This is really beautiful! Great job! I love the way you quilted it - suits it perfectly.

    1. Thanks wip! the more I look at it, the more I like the way it's quilted :) I'm glad I did it that way.
      Thanks for popping in!

  5. Erin...the quilt is beautiful and the quilting is perfect!! Great job Erin!!


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