Blog Tip: How to schedule a post in advance

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Hi all!

With the upcoming "April Showers" mug rug hop, I thought I would run some posts on a few blogging tips - this one is about scheduling your posts in advance (which is required of those of us participating in the hop).

1. Create your post. At the top of the page, instead of clicking the "Publish" button, click "Save".

2. Then, in your right sidebar, click the "Schedule" button.

3. Select the time and date to publish; for those of us participating in the hop, select the

 - date BEFORE your assigned hop date
(eg. - if you're assigned date is April 9, select "April 8")
 - time 1200am EST converted to YOUR time zone time
(eg. - if you're in the PST time zone, your time will be set to 9:00pm - which is 1200am EST)

4. Click DONE to save changes.

***note that below the calendar your timezone should be indicated***

5. Finish your post and click "Publish"

Here are some tools I found on the internet for converting your time zone; please let me know if you have any problems with them.
Time converter

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  1. I actually tried this today (before your post) to see what might happen. My post did not post at the scheduled time? I have tried it before also and no luck. So maybe it is a time zone thing but I am EST so not sure. Thnx though, perfect timing!

  2. Erin, this is my first participation in a blog hop and all the information you give us is excellent, I will try to schedule a post in advance to see if I manage to do it. I'll let you know if all goes well or if I need help, thanks for all the information, actually facilitates the preparation of the publication in advance.
    Have a nice day.


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