Blog tip: setting up comment forwarding to your email inbox

5:13:00 PM

Hi all!

I had a request to do a tutorial on how to set up email forwarding of your comments - i.e. - when a blogger leaves a comment on your blog, how to automatically have it end up in your inbox (and thus be able to respond to their comments from your email).

Here's how.

Go to:
- if you're not logged in, log in with your blogger username and password
- - this will automatically bring up your homepage for blogger (or your 'dashboard')
- - - click the drop-down arrow (circled in red below)

from that drop-down menu, select
- - - - Settings

Once on the settings page, select from the left hand side (circled in red below)
- - - - - Mobile and Email

On the Mobile and Email page, enter the email address of the inbox you'd like to receive your comments in in the box beside "Comment Notification Email" (circled in BLUE above)

Once you're finished editing...

Select the orange "Save Settings" button, top right of the screen.


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  1. Erin you rock! It totally works, you don't know how many times I tried to figure it out and I kept getting myself bumped out of my blog, thank goodness my brother is logged in so he was able to get me back on my own blog.


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