tips & tricks tuesdays: adding a favicon to your blogger blog

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Welcome to Tips & Tricks Tuesdays at Sew at Home Mummy!

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays at Sew at Home Mummy

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Today's tip is a bloggy one: it's about adding a "favicon" to your blogger blog.

What's a "favicon" you ask?

You should see this little image:
... in the window tab beside my blog name, like this:
(in Google Chrome)
So, this is how you do it. :)

Create a *square* image - and it has to be perfectly square. I like to use Publisher, but if you have Photoshop, or use an online editing program like Photobucket or to ensure your image is:

- perfectly square

- less than 100kb

... then, go to your Blogger Dashboard

- - Layout

- - - Click on the "Edit" link on the Favicon window:
A pop up window appears:
- - - - Click: "Choose File" button
upload your image and click "Save"!

It may take a while for your image to upload and become visible on your tabs and bookmarks bar; when I've changed mine, in order for it to show up I've had to reboot my computer, but it does show up!

Now! Link up your tip, trick or tutorial below!

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  1. I've been wondering how people did this, but didn't even know what it was called! I can't wait to try this.... first, I have to find an image I like, though!

  2. I done it! Thanks for instructions, been meaing to do this...

  3. Thanks! I think I did it right...waiting now for it to 'show up'. :)

  4. Excellent explanations, now I have to try to create a favicon. It's something I always wondered how it was done. Thanks for the tutorial! I pinned this tutorial, in my Pinterest board, thanks again!!!
    Marisa from


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