fyi friday: the home sewing machine

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Happy Friday!

here's your interesting tid-bit for this week.

The first commercially available at-home sewing machine was made and distributed by the Singer Manufacturing Co. (then called the I.M. Singer & Co.) in 1856 - for a WHOPPING $100... the "turtle back" was the first family machine on the market:
the "turtle back" by I.M. Singer & Co.
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eventually, by utilizing the concept of interchangeable parts, the company was able to cut their machine prices by half.

The machine had a vibrating overhanging shaft, for actuating the needle-bar, and a reciprocating shuttle; motion was given to the mechanism from the rocking treadle.

Extracted March 2, 2013. Wikipedia: Isaac Singer.
Extracted March 2, 2013. ISMACS: The Turtle Back.

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  1. Ever wonder what wonderful shape our legs would be in if we still used treadles? :)

  2. I look at this machine and think - I'm sure my tension issues are nothing compared to theirs... ;)
    Happy Friday!

  3. I finally accepted that Liebster Award you nominated me for. :)


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