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Hi all! Happy Friday.

Stacey from the Tilted Quilt and I have decided to host a little mini-hop in the middle of the month; the hop was by invitation only as we wanted to keep it relatively small, and purposely sought out sewers and quilters from every ability level. 
Sew at Home Mummy
The hop will run from March 17 - 22, with 3 to 4 posters per day.

The theme of the hop is sewing machines, faces and places. This'll be a great opportunity for all of the hopper's readers to learn more about the different types of machines, brands and models that are out there - especially if you're in the market for a new machine and don't know where to start!

As well, several of our participants have vintage machines - eep!! EYE CANDY!! - and hopefully they'll be sharing a bit about them, too!!

We've encouraged the hoppers to share photos of their machines, working spaces and their faces, so, you can put a face to the quilts, and maybe learn some storage tips and tricks from them!

There will also be a few sites that have giveaways, mine and Stacey's included.

So! Stay tuned, make sure to check back - I'll be posting the schedule for the hop in the next week or so. 

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  1. Is the hop full? I have 3 machines I could talk about.

    1. Hi Kathy!
      Yes, the hop is full - it was a private invite hop only - we wanted to keep it nice and small - but thank you so much for showing interest!


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