National Quilt Day

4:30:00 AM

Did you know that today is National Quilt Day?

National Quilt Day falls on the third Saturday of March each year.

To celebrate National Quilting Day, I'm cleaning out my sewing space, rearranging furniture, and working on some WIPs.

What are you doing to celebrate today?

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  1. think it could be INTERnational sewing day?... off to sew xx lol xx

  2. Unfortunately, I have to work today. :( But I'll celebrate tomorrow by ignoring all housework and finish quilting a baby blanket.

    1. Hey S! You're a no-reply blogger so I'm replying to you here - I hope you come back to check :)

      I'm sorry you had to work - BOO!!! But! Have lots of fun tomorrow!! Who needs housework, really??

  3. Good for you!! Five of us are getting together today to sew and quilt a little. We will talk a lot..laugh too much...and get a little work done!!!!

  4. Hooray national quilting day! I just put my little man down for a nap, so I get to do some quilting! My WIP pile is huge :)

  5. I tidied and then unpicked some tiny pieces, so I can get a fresh start tomorrow and hopefully finish my Twelve Days of Christmas by Temecula. I started it the Christmas before last but got disheartened with the twelve piece three and a half inch block.


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