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Today I'm going to share with you an unsolicited review of an add-on LED sewing machine light I received for Christmas. It's a Bendable Bright Light LED sewing machine light:
...which clips into a base that attaches to the side of your machine head like this:
As you can see from the picture, the light is attached to a flexible metal goose-neck. The plug-in cable is 8 feet long, and there are cord-clips within the package so that you can pin your cord up out of the way.

The light can clip in and out of the base; you can also separately purchase the bases so that if you have multiple machines, the light is easily interchangeable. The light retails for about $50, but I've found it as low as $30 (here). (Amazon also carries them)

I had previously been coveting a LED strip light which would attach (via adhesive) to the underside of the machine neck, like so:
image courtesy of EcoLux
HOWEVER - I was seriously concerned that the adhesive wouldn't hold up to me shoving my bulky quilting projects through the throat space over and over.

I have to say, the light from it is absolutely amazing, and totally worth the purchase. I have a newer machine with a built-in LED, and the built in light source doesn't compare. I thought I would have troubles with eye fatigue using such a bright light, and to be honest, I think my level of fatigue has improved with this light. I love the cord clips that come with it - love that there isn't another bunch of cords to worry about getting in my way.

Although I haven't purchased a second base, eventually I will for use with my vintage Brother. I love that, being LED, the light doesn't get hot; that it's small enough that it doesn't really feel like added bulk to my machine, and that it curls up nice and neat, out of the way when I go to put my case over my machine (which still fits with the light fixed in place).

In looking into this light and checking the online ratings for it, the ratings were really high - almost perfect in I was a little surprised at the fact that the goose-neck arm is so 'loose'...i.e., the light just won't stay in one spot for me, especially when I'm high-speed sewing or free-motion quilting - the vibration of my machine ends up bouncing the light into my field of view or completely out of the way.

It was a relatively easy fix, though, to keep the light from shifting.

First, I ended up going to a big-box hardware store and purchasing some of these (in white):
Coaxial nail-in clips - about $3.00 (Home Theatre section)

and this:
Double-sided foam mounting tape -
with the carpet tapes - about $2.00 

and, after removing the nail from the coaxial clip, I affixed the clip around the goose-neck to the side of my machine head with the double-sided mounting tape, like so:

I thought - hey! this is great! fixed. NOPE.

After a few days, the coaxial clip fell off - probably a combination of the cold temperature in the basement I sew in and from taking my cover on and off.

Back to the drawing board.

Decided to put a piece of double sided tape over the neck, leaving the exposed side's paper on, like this:

Now, it's perfect - doesn't bounce around, stays in one spot. It's not pretty, but it works.

So, I can't really say if I just was unlucky and got a 'dud' with respect to the neck being flimsy and loose as really no one else in the reviews complained of this...but even so, this light is amazing, and even given the fact I had to tinker with it a bit - I would still recommend it...

the only thing, is, now it's a lot more difficult to remove it and put it on my other machine, if I ever invest in another clip base.

Anyway! There's my review.

Head over to Shirley's blog now to link up your tip or trick with her!

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  1. I haven't tried that light, but ibhave tried others and have had the same problem as you. I eventually just ditched them.

  2. I bought my light several years ago when they first came on the market. No problem with a loose goose neck. I bought two mounting kits and I can move it from my sewing room machine to my retreat/class machine. LOVE IT!

  3. I need a cute light on my new machine too.. but I dont want to tape anything.. I HOPE YA'LL COME VISIT ME OVER HERE IN TEXAS, WERE HAVING A HOOTEN TIME... PARTA

  4. I have that light and just love it. I have a Juki and it goes FAST, I have never had the loose neck problem. Glad you got it fixed!

  5. Couldn't you just put some white tape over the "not so pretty" part.

  6. The Linky Party at SimpleSew was a huge!

  7. Thanks for reviewing this. I've been looking for a good light for my juki - since i have a short in the light assembly. I've tried cheap lights but without much luck. I might try this one out!


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