I need some help from my readers...

10:27:00 AM

Hi all!

I'm in the midst of about... 9867918723918236 UFOs and Bee blocks. Ha ha ha.

At least, I *can* say, I've started June's bee blocks already! I need to get ahead as I have company coming for almost a month, and they sleep next to my sewing area...

I'm adding to the UFOs. And I need your help.

I need to make more crib fitted sheets, and I prefer to use knit or flannel for them. (much cozier than crunchy cotton ;) ) I'm using this tutorial by Dana-Made-It.

I'm wondering where everyone buys their 'knits' - I want to keep the price relatively low (hopefully, below $5USD/yard in order to make it worth making my own). And, as a bonus, if you know where to get some nice, cheap flannel for the same project(s), I'd be forever grateful!

How 'bout I offer up a little somethin' somethin' for your help in the matter?

I have a mini charm pack to give up for one lucky helper (I'll take a pic of it ASAP).

How about I give you all 'til Friday to reply? Leave me a comment with your knit-online hotspots - and I would LOVE if you left links in the comments (but not necessary!)

I REALLY appreciate your help, in advance!

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  2. Surprisingly, I got the BEST soft flannel in an adorable crocodile print from Joann's.


    I also subscribe to their coupons via an iPhone app, and that makes it worth it - right now I have a 40% off any one regular priced item, plus free shipping with $50 minimum purchase. I think you can only use one or the other, but between their sales and the coupons, I frequently come out ahead.

  3. I hate to say it, but I'm just too chicken to buy fabric on the Internet -- I want to be ale to feel it and see how it stretches. So, I always head out to JoAnn's with printable and mailer coupons in tow and just make do with their pitiful selection. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but it's all I can do! :)

  4. Hi Erin,

    I have purchased flannel from this etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/craftsplusgiftshop?ref=seller_info. She usually has good prices and it looks like she has a sale going on right now.


  5. I just bought some knits from girlcharlee.com. They are about $6 a yard though but I love her prints (and most are about 50+" width. And for flannel I'd have to go with Joann's. I bought a ton of flannel at $3 a yard on sale and the have the cutest kid prints. And always fabric.com. I just wait til they go on sale, but you can usually get some pretty cheap stuff if you use a coupon and buy $35 for free shipping. Hope this helps!

  6. I haven't bought knit fabric since my kids were young so can't help you much there but for flannel try Connecting Threads or Thousands of Bolts (under the Expanded Search tab you can choose to only see flannels). Good luck!

  7. Joanne's for knit and Onnecting Threads for flannel. Thanks.

  8. There is this store that sells a lot of knit and all kinds
    But I really want to buy some of their swimsuit fabric.
    Have fun making your crib sheets.

  9. Fabric.com has 177 flannel prints for $4.99 and less. There are several cute options for a baby's mattress cover. They also carry knits. I didn't look to see the price per yard.

    The Fabric Fairy has a lot of very nice knits and they are good quality. However, they are more expensive.

  10. Erin: for crib sheet yardage sometimes you can go to Overstock.com and are able to get Queen or King flannel and knit sheet sets that are great to cut down and cheaper than yardage. They are in solid colors usually and this time of year you might be able to get a good deal on the flannel stuff. Just a thought. Also, I get quite a bit of fabric from Connecting Threads as another commenter mentioned. The quality is good and the price is really reasonable for their new stuff so the sale stuff is a really good deal. They do have flannels as well and are good on delivery etc. Good luck.

  11. I my dear am with you in the UFO department! I actually dread counting how many I have looming in my room. Lalala

    I usually head to Fabric Depot when I go to Portland, Oregon on a trip. That way I can feel and touch. I've also waited to head to Jo-Ann's with a coupon. Doesn't help - I just buy on-line!!! My local shop is having a sale this weekend. . I know that doesn't help.


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