July's "Get Your Hex On!" Bee: my month! Instructions

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Hi all!

Welcome to my month of "Get Your Hex On!"! Yippee!

Here are your instructions, but first, a little inspiration to get you in the mood:

Image 1: a little bit of inspiration for us this month!
image from Google.com

Image 2: another bit of inspiration; can you see where this is going?
image from Google.com

We're getting colorful with solids this month!!

1. You will be using your 1" hexagon templates please. (That's 1" measured along one side).
Here is a great website for printing out your own:
Print your own 1" templates
And here is an even better website for buying your own!:
Paper Pieces.com: 1" Hexagons

2. I have sent you a squishy package in the mail; from this package, you'll be constructing one 10" 60degree triangle, exactly like this:

Image 3!

***please do not trim the triangle - leave it as it appears in the image above (Image 3.). ***

Everyone's colors will vary.

Image 4: example of color gradient for hexies
Put your darkest hexies on the bottom; next darkest above them, then next darkest, etc. until the point of the triangle is the lightest color you have in your package.

3. Please note: you have been sent squares of a gradient of shades of one color, from dark to light. The darkest hexagons will sit at the base of the triangle, the lightest at the top. Each package should contain 28 (2.5") squares to make 28 (1") hexies.
Image 5: you've been sent a gradient of shades; you'll have 7 of the darkest, 6 of the next, 5 of the next, etc.

4. Please DO NOT trim hexie triangle. Please leave your hexie triangle as mine is in image 3.

5. I have pre-determined the color order and sent you the appropriate number of squares for each row (image 5 above).

6. Thread:
Please use a coordinating thread, if you have one. If you're working with orange squares, use orange, etc.
If you don't have coordinating thread, just use a cream or light grey thread if you have it.

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  1. LOVE IT! So excited it is hexies and I have the 1 inch precut ones from Paper Pieces so that makes things easy. Now just to be sure you do not want us to trim the fabric when we make the hexies, just leave the bulk in? Can't wait to see what color is coming my way.

  2. very cute Erin!! Can't wait to get my package :)

  3. Fun Fun Fun , Can't wait to get my package...


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