See you in the New Year!

7:50:00 PM

Hi all!

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been quite absent as of late.

Well, I'm getting ready for the birth of my second baby on November 1, and as such, have been madly trying to finish a list of UFOs a mile long AND run after a 19 month-old while doing it.

So, I'm here to formally announce that for the next few months, I'm on maternity leave from blogging!

Most likely I'll be back with pictures and updates in the early New Year, but until then, that's where I am - juggling TWO little ones and trying to get a bit of 'me' (read: sewing) time in when I can.

With that, a very happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year to everyone who reads my blog if I'm not back before January 1! Piece and well wishes,

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  1. Feliz TUDO para você também!!!!!FELICIDADES!!!!

  2. Have a great break, Erin! We'll be here when you're back. November 1 is a great birth date -- that my oldest son's birthday! Rest and recoup as much as you can with everything going on!

  3. All the best! Take care!

  4. Wishing you the best and eagerly awaiting photos.

  5. hope all goes well and you have some "you" time in there x

  6. Good Luck, and i hope you get some sewing time in and enjoy the new baby! :o)

  7. Happy Holidays to you and make sure you enjoy Halloween before the new little one arrives, hehe after all that is why he will come on the first right! I will keep my e-mails going, but no need to respond, hugs Mara.

  8. Woah, time flew by.. best wishes, Erin!


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