Finally! A use for some gorgeous fabrics.

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Well, I have that King Sized top ready to quilt. I just need to make the backing for it.

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I finally found the perfect project for my little bit of Joel Dewberry's Noting Hill line that I have
been staring at on my shelf for the better part of a year.

Am I the only one that does this? You buy a piece/pieces of fabric YOU LOVE. You get said fabrics home. Fold them up neatly and put them from and center on your shelf. Then you don't want to cut into the things. So they sit there, eye candy and nothing else. SCREAMING at you to be used. Cut. Sewn. Loved.

No more I say, no more! (okay, I know old habits are hard to break so I'm going to try my best not to do this anymore but I am just so afraid of 'quilter's remorse' - you know, when you start a project and then get half way through an think, "what the heck was I thinking! Now I've ruined this beautiful fabric!" {le sigh})

"The Beast"
Along came the predicament of The Beast's backing. (I am now {lovingly} referring to the King quilt I've been working on as "the Beast")... For such a massive quilt, and for all of that time and should make said quilt reversible, non?

DING DING DING! Bells started going off in my head as I sat, pondering the design, and what did my eyes fall upon but my beautiful stack of Joel Dewberry's. Yum. The front of the quilt is quite retro looking. What better a pairing than Noting Hill?

Off I went looking for a pretty block design. Why not paper piece them, I thought to myself. I could use the practice and something spectacular must be done with these fabrics.

Who better a paper-piecer, but the paper-piecing Queen, Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts?

I perused her block library and decided on this one, the Whirling Star, part of her Summer Solstice Series from a while back. So I started plugging away a bit yesterday, and managed to get a few blocks done:

oh, how I love this plaid! Gorgeous paired with Kona Bone

Yum yum.
I can't wait to get all of these blocks done and assemble the back. I think they'll look really sharp, and accomplish my goals of:

  1. using my beautiful fabrics on something for ME
  2. jazzing up a potentially boring backing
  3. being more...thrifty? stingy? cost conscious! That's it. Cost making it two quilts in one, I mean.

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  1. I know what you mean about quilting for you! My WIP is for me and I am so thrilled!!!

  2. Guilty, I also take fabrics home and just enjoy looking at them and giving them no true sense of self worth.

  3. you mean we are supposed to CUT the fabric!! not just admire and stroke!! OH NO.... lol x

  4. Love the fabrics and what you are doing with them


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