Late night stitching, and a thank you!

7:58:00 AM

Firstly, I'd like to thank all of my readers who took the time to head over to Rachel's blog, Stitched in Color, to vote on the finalists in her fabric mosaic "Pink is" contest.

Secondly, I'd like to thank Rachel and Sew Modern for hosting and sponsoring (respectively) the contest - what a fun way to be inspired by a gorgeous color (and one I don't use very often, but have been inspired to use more after this experience!).

my mosaic: "Pink is {spring}"

I ended up co-winning the contest! Myself and one other mosaic-maker (congratulations Gramma Maggie!) were lucky enough to have our combinations be chosen by the voters! So thank you very much for voting, even if you didn't vote for moi, you supported an awesome contest and I love ya for it!

(fabric mosaic pictured left, top left to right: Joel Dewberry - Notting Hill - Kaleidoscope - TangerineAlexander Henry Heath in Pink GroundRobert Kaufman - Pure Organic - PinkAneela Hoey - Hello Petal - Stripe - Tickle; Art Gallery Fabrics - Minimalista - Script - Watermelon; V and Co. - Simply Style - So Hexy - Honey Suckle Pink; Robert Kaufman - Interweave Chambray - Strawberry; Bonnie and Camille - Scrumptious - Bias Stripe - Lime;  Robert Kaufman - Pure Organic - Chartreuse - Birch Organics - Ipanema - Flora Stripe GreenHeather Bailey - True Colors - Mod Dot - OliveRiley Blake - Fun and Games - Geometric - Green)

Sew Modern is a beautiful online shop with a fantastic collection of fabrics. You should really head over there to check it out. Their Kona selection is to die for! I had a blast browsing the store while building my mosaic, and I can't wait to receive my bundle in the mail from them - I will make sure to post photos of the fabrics when they come!

In other news. Again, I'd like to thank those who posted suggestions for my "Jelly Roll Conundrum". >le sigh< I'm still at a loss. But! I have to say that all of your suggestions were awesome, possums! and you have most definitely narrowed it down for me. Thank you!

Well, I've had quite a few late nights and early mornings as you can well imagine with a 3-month old and a 23 month old who's getting her molars.

scene of the...hexie?
For some reason, the 3-month old wants to party every.single.morning at 5:30am. >yawn< So I've been doing a bit of stitching when I'm up in the wee hours.

In the last week, I've managed to make more hexie equilateral triangles than I have in 4 months, so maybe I should thank my kids for my sleep-deprived, borderline-zombie state?


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade make hexies.

Not hard to tell that I'm a mum to little ones - the Gerber baby food can storing my hexie-supplies is a dead giveaway.

Those cans are pretty darned handy (as anyone walking through my sewing area can attest to - I've got everything and anything stored in baby-product related cans...)

Anywho. The king-sized quilt (the Beast) is off at the long armer. I actually get to sit and sew today (thank you husband o'mine!) and I'm too excited about it.

What should I work on today??  (what a wonderful predicament to have!)

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  1. so glad you (co-) won xx well done x have fun with your sewing .. whatever you do xx

  2. Yippee for winning! Looking forward to February's block.


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