on the cutting mat...

7:30:00 AM

This is a quick one today, I hit the ground running this morning and haven't stopped!

Yesterday I was busy sewing up some Etsy orders - I managed to get these two midwifery scale slings done:

... I'm going to be sad to see that Kate Spain Cuzco print (the navy one) leave my stash. The cute cupcakes print is actually a Connecting Threads print I picked up last year.

Also in production yesterday was a custom crib skirt and valance for another Etsy customer.

Last night I sat and traced templates onto fusible while watching our taped shows. Busy busy!

What's everyone else working on?

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  1. I am on vacation this month and working on my tan in sunny Florida. I did sew some blocks though for a "pick up sticks" pattern...at my sisters house. My hands were beginning to shake from fabric withdrawal!


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