Slowly, but surely, checking off the WIP list.

8:19:00 PM

I think I deserve a pat on the back.

As my king sized quilt is making it's way back to me as I write via the USPS, I'm getting ready to check another WIP off the list for 2014.

>way to go, Erin!<

I vowed at the beginning of the year to try to sew more for me, less for others. Short of the charity bee I belong to (Faith circle, do.Good Stitches), and the charity projects my Guild will participate in this year, I'm going to focus more on my projects and creating for myself (and my new Etsy store - a girl's gotta make a buck [to support what could quite possibly be deemed a fabric addition, one, so far this year, I'm managing to curb. Sort of.]). I (more than) spread myself thin last year and this year, with the new babe, I needed to step back a bit.

Selfish, yes. But I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of things next year, because, as I have said before, I'm bound and determined to finish all of my WIPs, come Heckadoodles or High Water (okay, that saying doesn't quite work so well in the edited version...)

Anywho! I digress.

Today I spent all day, all the glorious, snowy, Chicago winter day, sewing. Eep!

I *finally* started a table runner I've been prepping for the better part of...I don't even want to say...

I love the Irish clothing designer Orla Kiely. If you've never heard of her, you should check out her stuff. It's retro while still being modern. She's famous for her petal-patterns (to say the least). My husband bought me one of her purses for Christmas, (swoon!), and I get comments about it wherever I go.

So in an homage to Ms. Kiely, I'm creating a springy table runner in aquas and greys. Actually, I'm creating TWO table runners - one for my mum, one for myself. I'm all about sharing the love. Most of the time. Tee hee.

If the runner works out well, I may create a pattern to sell (my first!) - but we'll see.

In other news: yesterday I asked my readers a question, just for fun.

"if you had $200 to spend on anything quilty/crafty/sewy related, what would you buy?"

I got some great answers. Most of you want batting. LOL. This cracked me up. Mostly because I pictured UPS men all over the world struggling with large, awkward bolts of cushy batting.

I was actually surprised that more people didn't say a fabric shopping spree. A few of you want EQ7 (who doesn't?! >le sigh<)

So I purposely didn't answer my own question in the post; I didn't want to influence any of your responses.

So. For my hypothetical shopping spree, I'd think about buying:
- A Singer 201. And maybe a table to go with it.
- A Serger.
- EQ7.
- A bolt of Kona Snow; a bolt of Kona White; a new rotary cutter; some Aurifils, and a June Tailor large spool rack.
- go absolutely CRAZY buying up a WACK of fabric from one of my favorite shops. hehe.

Well now I just wish I had $200 to spend!!

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  1. I like your dream list!

    I like those petals. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. I have EQ7... LOVE IT, but cannot wait for the Mac version to come out. There are actually some add ons I want to buy (Block Base and Dear Jane) but I won't put any more money in it until they put the Mac version out...tick tock.... I should have commented yesterday. I desperately want fat quarter bundles of Botanics and Daydream - that would run me about $200 bucks, I think... A girl can dream, right?

  3. its NOT being selfish to make for yourself! Goodness we all need to do-our-own-thing every now and then xx

  4. I am being selfish a bit this year, I have been quilting 4 years, new studio now and it needs a touch, plus my quilt has holes....... You go girl..please Stop by my blog and share a love story and read others.. Happy Valentines..

  5. Curious...which serger would you get? (I'm in the market. :-)

    1. Hey Ramona! You're a no-reply blogger so I hope you check back here for my response!
      Well, I've had the Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed on my Amazon wishlist for well over a year now; it's got one of the higher ratings on Amazon. I'd really like a Juki Pearl but just can't afford it. Plus, because I'm a serger newbie, a nice Juki would probably be wasted on me :p


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