Welcoming Havel's Sewing as a new sponsor!

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Happy Thursday everyone!

I am so happy to welcome Havel's Sewing as the latest sponsor of Sew at Home Mummy! Havel's Sewing has been in business since 1981, offering the very best in scissors for the sewing, embroidery, quilting and fabric arts. They carry several types of specialty scissors, rotary cutters, cutting mats, and more!

Havel's was nice enough to send me along some of their top selling products to use and review. One such product is their 5 1/2" Curved Tip Embroidery and Applique Scissors


I am in love. I'm not kidding.

I can 100% see why these scissors have a 5* rating on their site, and are a best seller. 

I'm not an embroiderer. I'm a quilter, through and through. BUT. With the curve of the blades, you can clip your threads so closely and accurately. I was just finishing up a couple of Dresden Plate blocks (working on my applique skills...) and these scissors were just the tool I needed. 

As I sit here today taking a break from my hexagon basting to write this post, my new Havel's embroidery scissors are sitting beside my piecing! 

And they are SHARP. Like, so sharp, they come with their own blade guard. NICE.

The comfort grips are just that, comfortable; and who doesn't love a pretty pink sewing accessory?

I highly recommend these snips, they are awesome! And if you don't believe me, check out their "Testimonials" page.

Havel's products are available on their site and at They currently have a coupon code for $5 off your total order ( HSC113 ) AND I do see on their site that ground shipping to the contiguous 48 states is on for $4.99 right now - so with the coupon that'd be like free shipping...

Havel's also has a monthly email prize drawing which you can sign up for {here} (I've already signed up, the prizes look FANTASTIC!)

And, if you're interested in winning a pair of their embroidery scissors from me, check back here on Monday March 3 - I'll be giving away a pair sponsored by Havel's!

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  1. like the guard on these scissors, will see how soon they arrive in the UK


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