We are women, hear us SEW!

3:12:00 PM

Happy International Women's Day, ladies! We are daughters, mothers, wives, multi-taskers, organizers, and amazing crafters (just to name a few).
Baby Ewan looks on as mummy sews
Today I'm in the midst of finishing up some Etsy orders for my store:
midwifery slings heading out the door...
and celebrating the fact that I managed to secure a hotel room for Quiltcon last night for the second release of room blocks. Thank goodness. I thought I was going to have a meltdown when the first block sold out.

>insert melodramatic scene here<

Also on the agenda today:

  • photograph last of the 2013 finishes (yes, I know, I'm behind. I was busy giving birth (via an OR room, but still))
  • photograph my first 2 2014 finishes (I hope my mum knows what she's in for...she'll be my quilt-hanger/holder person)
  • write up my submission for the IQF submission for Rosemont show
  • get busy with writing some listings for the ol' Etsy shop.

I think that's plenty.

As I sit writing this post, my husband is minding the little ones and my mother, who is visiting from Vancouver, is {willingly!} organizing my fabric stash. She's sick like that. Fits right in in this house. LOL. Pictures of that to follow.

A reminder that the Quilty Bucket List blog hop continues Monday:
March 3 
March 10

March 17 

March 24

...and, if you haven't entered my giveaway yet, click {here} to go to that post.

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  1. Baby Ewan already learning to sew! Good job!

  2. Thanks for the fun read and the link to the Quilty Bucket Party. The photo of you and Baby Ewan is sew sweet! ... :) Pat

  3. So precious. Start em young : )

  4. does your mum want to come and visit me .. my sewing room is a MESS! I will provide LOTS of cake xx


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