Celebrating Mad About Patchwork's 6th Anniversary with a bundle, tutorial & giveaway!

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I was so happy and honored to have Mad About Patchwork come on as an awesome sponsor of Sew at Home Mummy. Pam, the owner, participated in my Simply Solids Bee last year in one of the Canadian groups. Her online fabric store is awesome - has a fantastic selection of Konas and designer prints (I'm loving the Lotta Jansdotter prints especially!).

Mad About Patchwork is based out of Ontario, Canada; she ships internationally, and if you're local, you can contact her for pickup!

Pam was kind enough to let me curate a bundle celebrating her 6th anniversary at Mad About Patchwork. I decided to use the Pantone 2014 Color Report as inspiration; from that, I decided to go with the springy green "Hemlock" and accent it with "Paloma" (Kona Ash).

Image courtesy of Pantone.com;
my inspiration: "Hemlock" and "Paloma", from the Pantone Fashion Color Report for 2014
I think the bundle looks gorgeously springy all together; and when paired with some Kona White for background, they make a pretty, fresh-looking table runner.

One of my absolute favorite blocks is the Double-Z (or Brown Goose) - this is a modification of that block, with a solid center square instead of HSTs. I rigged up the tutorial so that you could use a charm square-sized center square if you were wanting to make it scrappy.

The table runner is nice and long (69"x9.5") - I did this on purpose as we have a gigantic dining room table and wanted something that would fit appropriately. So the runner has (7) 9" finished blocks in it - reduce the number of blocks accordingly if you prefer a shorter runner.

Or: this block and bundle would make an awesome lap quilt - which, truth be told, is what I'm thinking of doing with the left over fabrics!

1. Get cutting!
from each print (I used 7 prints):
(6) 3.25" squares
(1) 5" square
from white:
(42) 3.25" squares (to make a runner with 7 blocks; need 6 squares of white/block)
from Ash:
(6) 1.5" x 9.5" strips
8 strips from the long side of your FQs (so (8) 2.5" x 22")
(I had to pull from my stash to have enough for the entire binding in Ash - but the binding would have looked *gorgeous* scrappy with a strip each of the teal prints!)
everything cut out! Yippee!
2. create your HSTs (half-square triangles)
draw a diagonal across each of your (42) white squares; tip: instead of drawing the lines, fold the squares in stacks of 3 or 4 on the diagonal and press the line into each square - much faster!
stack one white square on a print square; sew 1/4" seam on either side of the pressed line.
*tip: if using directional prints, for half of the printed squares, rotate them 90 degrees to the white square on top - this will ensure half of your prints face one way, the other half the other way - am I making sense? lol. See block pic below...
repeat for all (42) square sets
cut each square set on the diagonal line you pressed; open HSTs and press (I pressed my seams open)
*using the 45deg angle on your ruler (aligned with the center seam) trim your pressed HSTs to perfect 2.75" squares
3. lay out your blocks!

notice how the herringbone lines are all running in the same direction?
because I separated my 6 squares into 2 stacks of 3.
one stack I rotated 90 degrees to the other.
placed the white pressed squares on top in the same orientation each time.
this created HSTs with 2 different directions in the prints, and allowed me to line up all of the prints correctly with respect to the inner square.
4. start sewing!
attach the top and bottom rows together; attach each set of side HSTs together and then to the center square.
5. connect your blocks together with grey strips...
6. Layer, baste, quilt!
mad about patchwork table runner tutorial
lay it out and enjoy!

mad about patchwork table runner tutorial
I love how the springy greens brightens up my dining room :)

I used a petal decorative stitch in Jade around the edge of the runner 
Want a pretty bundle of this green gorgeousness, "Spring Forecast", for yourself??
"Spring Forecast" FQB at Mad About Patchwork!

Head over to Mad About Patchwork and pick up a springy green bundle...

and make sure to use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win a gorgeous bundle! A huge thank you to Pam at Mad About Patchwork for sponsoring this giveaway!!

Happy Anniversary, Mad About Patchwork!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    I love the colors!!

  3. A gorgeous bundle! Great project and I like those fancy stitches!

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  8. Thanks for the great post! I love the way you finished the binding with the decorative stitching! I'm going to try that. And thanks for the lovely giveaway. You curated a great bundle.

  9. Thank you for the tutorial, a lovely one to try. I like how you used the decorative stitching for the edging. I use the decorative stitching for cards that I make. Great giveaway too. Thanks.

  10. thanks for the great tutorial, love the block and love your fancy binding stitches!

  11. What a great giveaway - thanks for the chances! I've shopped @ Mad About Patchwork - I had a friend pick up the order for me when she was coming to visit me - such a small world, lol.

  12. This is a great runner for a gift!! Thanks!


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