Color fun; block work; pattern play: Work in progress Wednesday!

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I have a few W.I.P.s to share today.

1. The May write-up for the Sew at Home Mummy "Classic meets Modern" QAL blocks. (if you'd like to join along, the links to the block patterns are in the sidebar). Here's a sneak peak picture for the blocks we'll be making in May....

I'm almost done writing up the tutorial and then I'll be on to writing the post, and then June's block is under way. Exciting! I'm trying to work several months ahead of you all...

2. The pattern write-up, petal patterning, and color palette selection for the test pattern of "Pretty Petals" table runner. Here's the finished runner I made for my mum which the pattern will be inspired by:

...and the color palettes I'm trying to narrow down to "the one":
Option 1:
image courtesy of Ink Bite Designs
Option 2:
image courtesy of Easton Place Designs
Option 3:
image courtesy of Studio Girl

decisions, decisions! Which do you prefer?

I'll start with cutting my templates, fabrics and fusibles this week.... more on this soon.

3. My ombre hexie triangle project. Ongoing. Forever. LOL.
..... I've started appliqueing the triangles to the quilt background (finally!) so you'll be seeing more about this soon!

4. Cleaning up my first Vintage Singer. (EEP!)
I have been scouring eBay for a very long time, looking for the perfect Black Singer to play with restoring. I wanted one that didn't need a lot of work, that parts are readily available for, and that was dirt cheap. Over the last year I've bid on probably 20+ machines and never won (I'm too cheap and then I chicken out at the last minute - eBay is stressful! LOL)

My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild friend Miss Sews It All is in the process of what sounds like a total restore on a 201-2 and she's keeping me in mind for when she's done with it (DOUBLE EEP!! pennies all saved and stashed away for that one! check out her blog, she has an AWESOME collection of vintage beauties.)

Anywho, this 1941 Singer 66-16 came up on eBay with a $20 starting bid and a "local-pickup only" stipulation.

I was the only bidder.

So for $20, I picked up this beauty, attachments and table included:


It most definitely needs a new belt, light, and wiring, but there is very little rust on the machine, the decals are immaculate, the back cover plate is missing, and it'll need a foot peddle wired (it's got a knee bar which I won't use) but other than that, at first glance, it looks pretty good!

How could I not rescue this beauty and get it back up and running again? Look at the decals on it - they're immaculate!

So although not directly quilty related, it's definitely indirectly related, so therefore, a work in progress I'm adding to my list.

More on this soon.

If you're visiting Sew at Home Mummy and missed entering the draw for a FQB from Mad About Patchwork, click {here} to go to that post and enter!

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  1. Lovely list of projects! Fabulous sewing machine too!!!

  2. Enjoy your new sewing table and machine! I just bought a table with an old machine, plus and extra. I wanted to be able to use it with my Pfaff so my husband refinished it.

  3. Wow- good for you to rescue that machine. And those ombrea hexies- WOW!

  4. I like the first and second colour palettes, the second one most of all, I look forward to seeing your table runner all decked out in those colours! The ombre hexies are fab, mammoth project! Well done on scoring the machine!

  5. What a find!! that singer is amazing!! Love the on going hexi project!! and I am loving all your choices for colour pallete, but maybe drawn to opt 1 and 2, maybe because we are in a never ending winter and I like the bright springy feel of both of those!!
    What a teaser for May block, can't wait!! I so look forward to the first day of the month!!

  6. Congratulations on your new machine. I learned sew on my mom's old Singer, and when I couldn't get the knack of the knee lever, we realized that a foot pedal would drop down from begins the lever :)

  7. Sounds like my experience on EBay. When I was bidding it went higher than my top, so I'd drop out; when I finally got the book I wanted, the bids stayed low without me. Guess I got some sellers more money than they otherwise would have gotten. :-) Cheers on the machine you finally got; have fun fixing it up.

    As to color palettes, I lean to the third most, and secondly to the first. Didn't like the second. I purposely didn't read what others liked; will now.

    1. LOL - ebay is crazy like that! Thanks for the input on the schemes :)


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