Shedding some light on the situation: GORGEOUS task lighting!!

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As some of my readers may know already, I quilt in a cold, dark, subterranean basement of a 1880's Victorian. It's not exactly ideal conditions with respect to lighting. I have one little tiny window in my space that sits at ground level; it's a bit of a pain as when we get the notorious Chicago torrential downpours, the window gets extremely muddy and dingy; doesn't exactly help my lighting situation. And I'm sure my neighbors think I'm absolutely nutters as I'm usually outside cleaning said window on my hands and knees every 6 weeks or so.

the Stella Edge light
image courtesy of Stella Lighting

I've been fortunate enough to welcome Stella Lighting as a new sponsor here on Sew at Home Mummy. I am one lucky quilter, ladies and gents. Have you seen their lighting systems at your local quilt shop, trade shows, or online stores?

I have been using their Stella Edge task light to sew with for the last month or so, and I have to say, I'm totally enamored by this light. This, my friends, is technology at its finest.

This particular light clamps to your table beside your sewing machine or crafting space; the arm is bendable/adjustable in any direction. The arm is nice and stiff and sturdy feeling - and during some pretty heavy-duty free-motion and walking-foot escapades the light stayed in place, didn't bounce away (like another, cheaper, stick-on version I have... which I had to duck-tape in place...ya....) The screw-on base is padded to protect your table, and is relatively small and unobtrusive.
 I have the light set up to curve around the backside of my machine for everyday piecing:
 ...and then can adjust it over my shoulder when I'm free motion quilting, binding, appliqueing -  and because it's an LED light, it doesn't heat up and get hot over my shoulder.
The light is controlled by a handy-dandy remote control which conveniently sits on the base by magnetic force.
The remote controls the brightness levels and the mode - you can choose between warm, natural, and cool light.

I only have one, really minor issue with the light, and it's that I have bumped the remote off it's magnetic base a few times and onto the floor. I think though it's because I'm just not used to the light being there perched on my table yet. But like I said - really minor!

I was a bit worried that the LED light would cause my eyes to become more fatigued, but so far so good. As well, the light has multiple dimming settings and you can switch between warm, natural and cool light spectrums - which I really like since when I'm working with lighter fabrics I can turn the light down and to a warmer setting so I get less bounce-back. When I'm sewing at night I boost the lighting up to compensate for the darker room.

I also like the fact that the lamp is bulbless (LED), so won't require me to change anything, and it's energy efficient (every penny counts!)

I'm now saving my pennies to pick up one of these at some point in the future:
the Stella Sky 

This light would be great for dark my pressing corner! Would sit nicely in the corner over top of the ironing board.

Check out your local quilt shop to view a Stella light in person; click {here} to see a list of authorized retailers in your state.

Stella also sells directly from their site; you can see their full product line {here}.

If you have any questions for me about the Stella Edge, please, feel free to ask! You can leave a comment below or email me, and I'll be happy to answer!

A massive thank you to Stella Lighting for sponsoring Sew at Home Mummy, and for brightening up this quilter's creative space!

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  1. Looks great! I definitely need better lighting when I free motion quilt! Unfortunately, it looks like lots of pretty pennies need to be saved first. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lucky you! That looks like a great light.


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