There are no 'blue' or 'pink' jobs in this house...only purple...

9:44:00 PM

I've been up to all sorts of shenanigans here lately.

Today my hubby took the kids for the morning; he walked to the grocery store with them and made dinner (don't be player hatin' ladies hehehe) while I.... the light fixture, power cord, and disconnected the knee bar and wired in a new foot pedal on my Singer 66-16. (My phone died before I could take pics of the new cord and pedal. You'll have to believe me on this one for now until I can get a card reader for my camera up and running...)
pretty proud of myself for heat shrink wrapping a whole wack o' wires!

I got the light re-attached:

.... and put a light-bulb back in and plugged her in and BAM! We have light.

No fire. No shock. No sparks.


>>insert a crazy-woman happy dance here<<

The Gorilla Glue seems to be holding the broken pieces of the socket base on the light well. For now. But I'll still be really gentle with it. If it breaks on me I'll have to think more about replacing the piece with an after-market replacement.

Now I'm working up the courage to start soldering new wires into the old motor:
... there is one wire that is completely bare (far right in the picture) and the wire that does still have sheathing on it is crumbling.

More on this soon. Wish me luck.

I didn't even really think about it, but my husband was laughing over dinner tonight about our gender role reversals. Him taking the kids grocery shopping, then making dinner, me, busy re-wiring and doing electrical work.

So. No "pink" (girl) or "blue" (boy) jobs in our house. Just purple. :)

Tomorrow it's back to him being the breadwinner and me the stay at home mom.

A nice balance, me thinks.

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  1. Boo-ya, you guys are awesome!!!

  2. I love to do all sorts of jobs, too! My husband is good at housework, too! Sometimes, I even help him in the garage when he is changing the oil on his show cars. One particular car, it's always a hassle to get the oil filter off and I have more patience and smaller hands, too :)

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