Allowance: spent. Ironing board cover anyone? And need to make yours tighter? a quick tutorial.

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My husband and I each get $20 every paycheck to do with what we like.

Last "allowance" day (I just had a flashback to mowing lawns in the beating sun as a 12-year old...) I picked up an ironing board cover through My old cover, an Ikea cover that I'd picked up last year, was looking uber disgusting. Despite several Spray n' Wash attempts, the starch stains are there to stay:

So, given the fact that I just finished souping up my sewing space after a year of gradual improvements, I had to of course get something nice for the ironing board. This yucky-poo-poo cover would never do now.

I ended up going with the June Tailor Press-Mate 59-Inch-by-20-Inch Ironing Board Cover.

Image courtesy of
I loved the idea of having grid lines on my board, especially when I'm squaring things up, and, it's got a ruler running the length of the board printed on there in inches. So I thought, sign me up!

If it's anything like their Quilter's Cut 'n Press II (which I reviewed in {this post}), I thought, I'll love it.

Anywho, I added it to my shopping cart and away I went. It came in the mail (only thing as good as a squishy package day is a brown box with a black smiley face swish on the side ( purchase, lol)) and my board cover was here!


The kids couldn't go to bed quick enough. I needed downstairs, STAT! Mama has a new toy! lol.

(See, it doesn't take much. An $18 ironing board cover made my freaking day. Week, really. :P Gosh, I love quilty stuff....)

I digress!

So. I got the cover on, and it fit nice and snug. The cover has a drawstring to tighten around the lip of any board, making it a universal fit for most standard boards.

But, I like my covers UBER tight. It drives me bonkers when the cover flips up and drags as you're trying to lift your mounds of fabric up and over. So I thought, I'm gonna get this thing on there GOOD and snug. No chance of moving, hehehe. (mind you, I'm sure it would have stayed put on its own, but I'm a crazy person and need things just so, and since I needed to treat my new ironing board accessory right, lol...)

I grabbed a couple of mitten clips (or suspender/braces clips) and some 1/2" elastic. Measured the length across the board where I wanted to place the elastic strapping, and divided that by 3. Oh ya, this is gonna be tight!

Attached the elastics to the clips by folding through the slots:
 ...sewed them in place... (shortened straight stitch, parallel to the short side of the elastic)

...relaxed the draw string a bit, and clipped one side of my clips in place...
 ...tightened the draw string, and then under the table, stretched my elastic across to the other side and fastened the clips.


I **LOVE** this cover. It's right up my type-A personality alley:
I love the printed ruler and grids, and the 45deg angles. Really convenient for pressing HSTs and the like.

Here's my (well-spent!) $20 allowance sexying up my ironing board. Boo ya.

I am easily pleased. Love it.

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  1. Erin you crack me up....but I totally get your excitement! Oh wait...You get an *Allowance"????....hmmm....I think it's time I have a little talk with my

  2. Do you know - if someone bought me an ironing board cover as a present I'd be somewhat underwhelmed to put it mildly! However, if I bought myself one I'm sure I'd share your excitement!! Enjoy!

  3. My ironing board is that little IKEA one I see in the background of your photos, I even have the same cover, funny that they sell the same thing World Wide! And love your new cover the idea of a grid is awesome!

  4. Booya, it is awesome!!! :-)
    Love the ikea button rug!

  5. It looks great. I like mine super tight too.

  6. perfect timing! my ironing board looks a lot worse than your "before"!!!!

  7. I completely understand the excitement! Anything quilting related is worth celebrating.


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