Sharing the coupon love! And WHUT?! Christmas, you say?!

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What's everyone got planned for Mother's Day?

We've got Skype dates with the moms back home, and I think the rest of the day, if the weather is nice, we'll head to the park on the beach to play. If the weather is bad, we'll cuddle on the couch and have a movie day :)

I thought I'd pass along an awesome coupon code from the Fat Quarter Shop in case you have any last-minute shopping-for-yourself to do - hehehe.

They have 20% off their Gift Certificates right now with a coupon:
image courtesy of the FQS
If you want to purchase a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop, {here's the link}. They start from $10, which I think is great! And with the coupon it's like getting 20% off anything you purchase!


I got this email from them (Fat Quarter Shop) this week - and I literally panicked - heart started racing, sweat began beading on my forehead, palms a clammy mess - it had Christmas content in it. Holy shmoly, we're not even in June yet! I had better get moving!

And since I have ample amounts of spare time, (HA!), I thought, 

"Huh! Christmas?! Okay. Maybe I should think about this a bit."

Off I went to peruse their Christmas Store

Oh jeez. I shouldn't have done it. 

I found this line, called Scandi Christmas, put out by Makower UK for Andover. It comes in 2 colorways, red and grey, and the Fat Quarter Shop has also put together their own FQB of it, too - like a sampler pack if you will ;)

Just some of the fabrics from the grey colorway:
 and a few from the red colorway:

I know that the Scandinavian-feel isn't for everyone, but I *do* love this particular design 'feel' at Christmas - which is no doubt why I immediately was drawn to this line.

I love love LOVE! the deer with the curly antlers, and the hearts. Super sweet. And I think probably timeless. 


GAH! CHRISTMAS?! REALLY?! Am I actually letting myself think about it already? (seems like I am >slaps forehead<)

SO! Please. Tell me I'm not alone. Are you thinking of tree trimmings and handmade pressies and hard drinks candies already? have you bought any Christmas fabrics yet this year? 

Have you actually completed anything Christmas-themed yet? (if you have it's a good thing we're on the internet and not in person, I might have to stick my tongue out at you. Oh. Wait. I can do that here, too! :p)


Tell me what you're up to!

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  1. I beat you to it! I bought some Christmas fabric from the Fat Quarter shop already! The Rudolph and Frosty the snowman series! I love those shows! I was thinking of doing a reversible quilt, so I don't get too many quilts around the house. But I love the cozy warm feeling of flannel in the winter:)

  2. NO Christmas, I worked in retail for many years and the rush to get the holidays out and done.... I have sew and stitch seasonally, so what I do is finish last years UFO's from the holidays and I not a big fan of holiday fabrics, Like I do like parts of this fabric line but I would use it with non traditional colors. I think now I am a grandma, I am tired of you know SANTA thing so I do love the scandi look. PawPa said jokinly we have so many grandkids now we are going to have to draw their names, LOL he knows better, I love shopping for them. I love making my DIL's things too. I love to pic something we can make together also. I love to cross stitch so I did buy an ornament to stitch, maybe I will try to break that habit and start it early. But weekly sewing keeps me so busy I have 8 gkids 6 and under, someone always needs a quilt. LOL

  3. Gorgeous christmas fabric!
    Yes, My friend and I are working on stockings, ha ha! Great fun in springtime!!!


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