Winner of the "Name my Machine" contest, and some WIPs

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Good morning all, happy Wednesday!

It's WIP Wednesday again. Let's see what I've got on the go!
Sew at Home Mummy
1. The Great Brick Swap (American Made Brand) 

We still have one spot left to fill for the AMB Brick Swap - if you're interested, head over to this post:

The Great Brick Swap: AMB Solids

and read the rules - if you want to play along, sign up!

A "brick" is a chunky-monkey charm square - 5"x10" - and we're swapping all 50 colors of American Made Brand Solids!

We are full! Thank you everyone!

2. The Name my Machine Contest - winner!
If you haven't been reading along, I ran a contest here on my blog challenging my readers to submit their choice for a nickname for my 'new' 1941 Singer 66-16 sewing machine. After all of the entries were submitted and the giveaway had closed, my husband got the job of choosing her new name!

For the record, my husband took this job very seriously. Comically so. I sent him the name entries on Monday night, he read through them all, made a short list, and then told me he had to sleep on it. He told me last night what his choice was. LOL. Gosh, I love him!

Rebecca G. won for her suggestion - "Ginger" - Ginger Rogers won for best actress in 1941 - and it just so happens, my husband is a film scholar. He *loves* Ginger Rogers and loved your name (although there were a few other really close contenders!). Rebecca, I've emailed you, so check your email!

3. Baby Quilt
I've managed to finish the backing for my Sister in Law's baby quilt:

Attached my 60deg triangle sides to the quilt top:

..and have been busy piecing tiny little 6" Bear Paw blocks for the corners:

.... and I've got more on the go, but no time to write about them now! More soon!

Linking up today with Lee @ Freshly Pieced

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  1. The quilt you're making for your sister is adorable. Is it a purchased pattern?

  2. how cute is that quilt! I love the backing you've pieced

  3. That's a great name for her! I still have yet to name my machine. For some reason it seems harder for a 2013 Baby Lock with no history.

  4. baby quilt looks god, like the pieced triangles you have put in the backing.

    Ginger is a good name. Had not thought of naming my machines prior to you requesting names, have 3 plus an overlocker (which is never used) and an embelisher


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