Oh. My. Goodness: Oliso Pro Irons $119 - I may have just emptied my business account.

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image courtesy of Oliso.com

Holy. Cow. Batman.

Massdrop has the Oliso Pro itouch irons on for as low as $119.00 if they get enough people to commit to buy one (29 people, to be exact). Which they will. I'm sure of it.

I have coveted this iron since I started quilting. I first saw it on The Love of Quilting (a PBS show here in the US staring Fons & Porter (but now, the two Fons' - Mary and Marianne) and other crafting shows on PBS.

image courtesy of Oliso.com
It has "smart touch" technology - unlike other irons, you never have to flip it up/stand it up - a little leg and stand pops out of the bottom of the iron when you release your grip on the handle - extra fabulous for those of us with repetitive strain injuries/ailments.

I like how the plate has steam holes all the way down the sides; my current iron only has holes at the very top and peak of the plate. Which pretty much sucks for quilting (or for me, anyway - I'm a steamer).

The iron also stays on for 30 minutes - longer than my 10 minute shut off on my current iron (which, for the record, drives me absolutely batcrap bonkers).

I like too that it comes with a fill cup. No such feature with my current iron. And it holds almost twice as much water.

Image courtesy of Oliso
The only thing I'll have to get used to is that my current iron is a cordless - a feature I *love* - and one that, I've obviously become used to in the last 10 years of using it.

But, I couldn't pass this up.

This iron retails for $200. Absolutely no way in heckadoodles I'd ever be able to afford it. Until today.

Thank goodness I opened an Etsy shop this year.

>insert huge cheesy grin here<

I just emptied the PayPal account associated with my store account.

It's a business write-off, right? Right? :D We will see what the accountant says next year.

Anywho. I need partners in crime. It's free shipping in the US and my friends elsewhere in the world have said that the shipping wasn't too bad. You know you need one. For that price, come on. I've never seen it that low before. Join me.

I'm a terrible influence! (my mother once told me I could sell holy water to the Pope)

If you want to commit to buy an Oliso Pro for $119, a super skookum deal, head over to the Crafting section on Massdrop {here}.

(then tell me you bought one so that I can justify this purchase to my hubby by telling him I wasn't the only one, the masses were doing it! I'm pretty sure he's gonna poop a brick when he sees this package show up on the doorstep...oh well. This is why I opened the Etsy shop! hahahah)

Considering this another edition of "Sharing the Coupon Love"!

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  1. So, I'm going to be a debbie downer for just a second and stand on my soap box - putting water in an iron reduces the life of the iron. The end. That being said, I've heard good things about the Oliso - though do NOT put distilled water in it (says so right in the manual). Also, unplug it at night. It's not really good for any electronics to be plugged in when not in use.

    Now for happy! YAY!!!! I hope you get 29 more people so you can get it! :D

  2. I'm committed. I want one, too.

  3. Hi Erin,

    I just noticed this blog post by "During Quiet Time":



  4. I committed to buying one. I'm so excited!

  5. I used my sister's iron a few months ago while trying to quilt at her house. The darn thing had the auto shut off feature after 10 minutes......like you say, it darn near drove me crazy!! This iron looks amazing, I hope you get enough people.

  6. sounds like a great iron, love the feature of a little leg but I still use a dry iron. Steam irons here have holes all over the plate too which can leave marks on things, mine does not have a cut out, in fact I have been known to leave it on all night accidentally of course.

  7. I committed. I've had my eye on one ever since I first heard of them, intensified by my Rowenta turning off WHILE I am pressing. As if it weren't bad enough that it timed out while I was sewing.

    1. Hahaha, mine also has this "safety feature". If I'm pressing more then a fat eighth continually it shuts off, it is So frustrating.

  8. I have been eying this iron for a while. I blow through them pretty quickly so I am not sure if I can commit but I will think hard on this deal. In the last three years of getting back into quilting I have destroyed 3 irons. Two of them were rowentas. The water/steam leaked within the first couple months of owning it so I have used it dry for years. The heating element went funny and my husband has opened them all up and rigged them to work longer but alas, their extra days have now come to an end. I have been using for about a year a vintage dry iron that my friends saw at an estate sale. The cord is the fabric covered kind of old and it is ugly and rusty but that baby heats to scorch level and the cords days are numbered not to mention my fear of burning down the house. :) I really need a new iron but I am skeptical of the water...? I was thinking of buying a dry iron to be safe. Not sure what I will do but there are 6 days left on this item so I will dwell on this.

  9. I committed. I've needed one (last one got left face down on carpet for one second too long and now has melted carpet on it.) and not having to stand it up every time I pause to grab another piece or seam will make things so much faster! I am excited!

  10. I'm not in the market for a new iron right now, but I just wanted to drop you a note and ask...how is it that a post written about buying a new iron, and trying to influence others to do the same, could be so entertaining? :)

  11. I bought this iron a couple of years ago at an AQS show. I loved that I never had to turn it up (wrist arthritis) BUT it never got as hot as I would like. I still used it until a month ago when it just stopped heating. Steam was intermittent at the end - sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I'm still liking the old Rowenta I picked up at an estate sale for $4.

  12. Looks like you got the deal!!! Super excited for you and all the others, the shipping to Greece was marked at $49. but I am entertaining the idea of getting some Aurifil thread box, that is a sweet deal, with shipping to Greece they come out at 7.75 each, plus I just love looking at Aurifil.


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