Sunday Stash Share: A Colorful Gift {Aurifil!}; Giveaway!

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Color me pink and dust me with sparkles, it's Sunday Stash Share again!

Molli Sparkles
Linking up today with the superfantabulous Molli Sparkles. If you have never read his blog, please, go there. He is hilarious. Squared. Seriously.

ETA (edited to add/edited this afterwards): Quilts in the Attic is guest hosting Sunday Stash Share this week!

I recently posted on my Instagram feed asking where my readers/viewers (what do you call IG stalkers??) who owned their Aurifil thread cards got theirs - since I'm supposed to still be on a fabric fast (except for my Marmalade Around the Color Wheel subscription, and anything I may be lucky enough to win...) I thought I'd start saving for this handy little notion.
My awesome, superfantastical friend Kathy at Kwilty Pleasures, emailed me to say she had a color card she wasn't using - and she sent it to me! {you should check out her blog, it's full of 'kwilty' goodness ;)} 

So beautiful! I'm a lucky quilter!



No wonder they call Aurifil 'thread porn'. Thank you Kathy!! You rock it out. Thank you! I will love and cherish this gorgeous eye candy. :) 

Now to start saving for the actual thread! 

tee hee.

Anywho, this is a thread-related post all 'round today. If you're visiting my site for the first time today, I'm giving away a fab notion to two of my readers, called The Thread Stem.

It's this $3.25 super duper tooly-bit that attaches to any home sewing machine, with a vertical OR horizontal thread pin, and allows you to use CONES instead of SPOOLS. Ya. I know. Mind-blowing, right?? (The Thread Stem instructions {HERE}).
horizontal pin usage
vertical pin usage
So no need for a bulky thread stand. BOO-YA.

You can buy thread for *much* cheaper in cones vs. spools (I did a price comparison of a few major brands in the giveaway post, just for geeky-quilty-sewing sake, because, hey, I'm like that,) and I love that a cone, well, just seems never ending.

(and a cone kind of makes me feel like I've made the big leagues or something. Please. Don't burst my bubble.)
savings reflect buying the equivalent yardage of thread in small spools vs. cone size.
Prices were in effect as of June 2, 2014. For your general reference only.
If you're interested in entering the giveaway, click {here} to head over there to enter. 

But wait! before you go!

If you might be interested in seeing if you can get a 50wt cone of a popular color from one of the major thread brands for a smokin' good deal, I created a poll on Massdrop to see if we can get them to secure a deal with the distributor of Aurifil, Gutermann, or Superior - whichever manufacturer & color secures the popular vote is the one Massdrop will secure the deal for. 

If you've never heard of Massdrop, I have written a bit about them in the past {here's post #1  and post #2 (and please note these posts contain old 'deals' which aren't available at the moment)}. Free shipping in the US, and from what I've heard from a few internationals (Australia, NZ, and Canada) fairly reasonable int'l shipping rates.

I should mention, too, that I am not affiliated with Massdrop - I don't work for them, not sponsored by them, etc. I'm not receiving a kick-back for creating this poll or post - 

let's face it.

I'm broke.

I like nice things.

I {therefore} buy said nice things when I can get a great deal on them. 

I want a cone of nice thread. 

Tee hee.

So, if you're interested in maybe picking up a cone of Aurifil, Gutermann, or Superior at a great price and want to have a say, head over there and vote, and if we get enough votes, we may be able to get a good deal, and maybe even get them to throw in a Thread Stem with each purchase - hopefully!

ETA: also to note, my good friend Mara @ Secretly Stitching also started her own poll on Massdrop for bundles of quilting cotton solids - if you head over to Massdrop to vote on the cone poll, do you mind taking a peek at Mara's poll, too?

/ Thrifty Quilter: OUT!!

Happy Sunday, Peeps!! xoxoxo

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  1. I voted. :) I bought the drop for Aurifil last week and the shipping was not bad to Canada.

  2. I will go and vote, can you add in for people to vote for the solids bundle we just need a little over 60 more people to put in their votes!!! So exciting! You know I love a good deal too!
    I love the way you photographed the Aurifil card what a wonderful idea!

  3. My Sunday Stash is an Aurifil swoon stash post, too! I just got my very first color card and I'm also drooling!! Thank you for sharing the price comparisons! That is definitely good to know!

  4. You made the Aurifil Thread a Card look sew good...I want it back! JUST KIDDING, enjoy it!
    Thanks for the link to Kwilty Pleasures.

  5. the massdrop will not work for me as I would just get sting for customs bringing fabric into the UK is a no go with the post. What an amazing array of colours aurifil do, had no idea there were so many surely a colour for every thing with such a selection.The thread stem looks just the job with cones.

  6. Lots of great information today. I'm off to check out massdrop. Thanks so much for sharing

  7. I haven't used cone thread because the stands were just too large. This would be great at $3.25, but the shipping of $10 is ridiculous. I bet they could ship it for $1.


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