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A while back I participated in Massdrop's Aurifil Designer's bundle sale. I managed to pick up this Tula Pink thread bundle, full of variegateds, for about $80.

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I have to admit, my mum made this purchase possible. She spoils me. :)

This box is quite literally eye-candy. It felt as though I'd walked into a 50's ice cream parlor when I opened the box:

I've wanted to try quilting with variegateds for some time now; I've seen what other quilters have done with them, and I love the dynamic they add to the right quilt. As well, I'll be able to use them in my Etsy makings, so I thought I'd give them a shot.

Le sigh. I do *love* me some Aurifil!!

I am linking up to the always Pink, always Glittery, Molli Sparkles today for Sunday Stash Share!
Molli Sparkles

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  1. Gorgeous box! I like variegated for quilting, it really adds some nice detail!

  2. Pretty! I do so love Aurifil too!!!

  3. mouth watering threads, wonder what we will see appearing on your blog using these

  4. Wonderful! I wish my LGS had the variegated threads.


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