Cotton & Steel Swap: Poll Results, Rules, Organization & Sign-up Info

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Are you ready to swap some gorgeous Cotton & Steel? Sign up for the first round starts tomorrow (Monday, July 14 at 07:00am CST)

I recently posted a poll on my blog asking my readers how they would like a C&S swap organized, and what size of fabric cut they'd most like to swap.

Here are the results:

1. I asked what size you would most like to swap (charm square [5"], brick [5"x10"], layer cake [10"sq], jelly strip [2.5"x WOF], FE [9"x21"] or FQ [18" x 22"]) -

 2. I asked how you'd like to swap - in rounds, separated by designers, just the basics, or all of the fabrics from the entire C&S line at once -

....based on these results, here's how the swap will be organized. Please read the rules and outline carefully before you sign up tomorrow.

Edited/Revised September 20, 2014:For the final rounds of the swap, this swap mama will be keeping 1 fat eighth of each print, and in some of the charm square groups, a charm square or two (by keeping I mean: if there are 13 prints in a line, you'll send me 14 fat eighths; you'll receive 13 F8s in return, and the 14th will be kept by myself). I haven't kept any fabrics in the past, unless of course I physically 'bought into' the round (i.e. signed up for a spot myself and purchased my own fabrics). I found that I wasn't buying into each round, and I was doing a lot of work with the swaps (as you can imagine). I spoke with some friends who've hosted swaps and participated in swaps and found that the general consensus was that other Swap Mamas were doing it this way. I hope that's okay with everyone!

  • By Designer, including one round for the "Basics" line. Each 'round' will be approximately 3-4 weeks apart, with separate sign-ups for each round. In other words, you can sign up for as many or as few of the rounds (and therefore, designers,) as you like. Because so many of you also wanted 'just' the Basics, there will also be a round for Basics. In no particular order:
    • Mustang {Melody Miller} - 14 fabrics
    • Moonlit {Rashida Coleman-Hale} - 14 fabrics
    • Hatbox {Alexia Marcelle Abegg} - 13 fabrics
    • August {Sarah Watts} - 14 fabrics
    • Homebody {Kimberly Kight} - 12 fabrics (excluding panel)
    • Cotton + Steel Basics - 34 fabrics
  • Each round will have two separate sign up options: one for charm squares, one for fat eighths. Why? Because I'm a glutton for punishment. No, seriously, because the poll was so darned close. You can sign up for one or both, up to you. 
    • Charm Squares: If you sign up for this option, you'll be responsible for purchasing 1 yard of your assigned fabric (Designers) and 1.5 yards (Basics). 1 yard = 48 charm squares. 
      • Designers Rounds: You'll be responsible for sending me up to 42 charm squares (depending on the number of prints in each line). This means that each person participating will receive three of each print, for a total of 36-42 charm squares each, depending on the number of prints in that Designer's line.
      • Basics Round: If you sign up for this round, you'll be responsible for purchasing 1.5 yards of your assigned fabric. You'll send me 68 cut charm squares. This means each person will receive two of each print in the Basics line, for a total of 68 charm squares.
    • Fat Eighths: If you sign up for this option, you'll be responsible for purchasing 1.5 - 1.75 yards of your assigned fabric (Designers) and 4.25 yards (Basics). Each person will receive (1) fat eighth of each of the prints in the given Designer's or Basics line.
  • Sign up will be open for 48 hours (or until at least 1 group fills). Each grouping will contain the same number of people as there are fabrics in that line (12 for Kimberly Kight, 14 for Melody Miller, 34 for the Basics, etc.) If there are more than enough people to fill one group, the additional people will used to fill additional groups. My apologies in advance if they're aren't enough to fill additional groups/if you don't make it into a swap round. First come, first serve :) If there aren't enough people to run a single group, I'll try my best to fill it, but I don't think this will be a problem with this gorgeous line.
  •  You will have a maximum of 2 weeks to purchase, receive, cut, and mail me your swap fabrics once the fabric assignments go out. We all want a fast turnaround time on this swap - and ask others who have swapped with me before - as long as everyone abides by this, you'll have your fabrics back with less than 30 days from assignments to your door (US participants). This is really important - if you can't commit to buying your fabrics and cutting your fabrics and mailing your fabrics as fast as possible, please reconsider signing up. I really don't want to sound like a 'b' but it really, well, sucks, when one person is holding up the other 13, etc. We are all just so super duper excited to hold these fabrics! Be prepared to purchase your fabrics the day the fabric assignments go out to allow for the best turnaround times :)
  • Open to International Residents. Oh ya, baby. I can't leave you all out!! For int'l resies, in order to save you some money on shipping costs, feel free to ship your fabrics to me and I'll cut them for you (I'm nice like that). I'll PayPal you for the return shipping (First Class Postage unless otherwise requested).
  • Although you don't have to, I suggest you follow me on Bloglovin', Feedly, by email, or Instagram (@sewathomemummy) as I'll be posting updates on the swap rounds, when sign-ups start for the next rounds, etc. I'll try and work on getting set scheduled dates for the sign-ups for subsequent rounds for you, but in the meantime, I'll try and post with a lot of advance notice when the next rounds will happen. And if you're on IG, tag your friends who are C&S fans on the updates to make sure everyone stays in the loop. Stay tuned on this for more updates.
  • Each participant is responsible for their own return shipping. Please include a prepaid, self-addressed envelope with your fabric. Keep in mind that packages more than 13oz in weight cannot be sent First Class and need a Flat Rate envelope for return postage.
  • For those sending their fabrics to me to cut, fabrics won't be forwarded back to you until you've paid for your return shipping - I'll hold your fabrics hostage until you do teehee.
Any questions?
Feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Sign up for the first round starts tomorrow at 0700am CST!

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  1. Can't wait to play! Haven't found a local store yet that will be carrying the fabrics. This will be fun!

  2. How fun! I've never done fat 8the swaps only scraps, charms and 10" squares. Do you know which designer we'll start with? That way I can check out my fave online store to see what they have.

  3. I'm going to need help with the SASE part...I get confused with shipping/costs :(


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