C+S Swap, Melody Miller "Mustang" Round: Update

12:04:00 PM

Hi all!

Fabrics received as of Thursday, July 31:

DB - 60201
ED - 60202
IJ -   H4H 1E9
BS - 26180
ME  - 22172
AK  -  53590
SP  -  60446
SE  -  82070
AS  -  29483
MC  -  48315
AR  -  76111
KM  -  53211
SL  -  47909
RP  -  71291
AC  -  02176

Also a reminder that the next round for the C+S Swap here at Sew at Home Mummy will be for Rashida Coleman-Hale's "MOONLIT" - sign up starts Monday, August 4 at 0700 CST.

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  1. is it Aug 4th?? I dont want to forget..

  2. I just got home from vacation tonight, and I'm setting my alarm for the morning, just in case :)


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