C+S Swap, Moonlit Round - Update as of Thursday, August 21.

1:12:00 PM

Here are the packages received as of today (Thursday August 21) and those I'm still waiting on. Please, if you haven't mailed your packages to me, the deadline for mailing has come as of today - can you try to get those out ASAP to me pretty please and thank you :D

Fat Eighth Group (RECEIVED):

AS 29483
CS 78248
ED 60202
FK 14517
IJ (Int'l)
ME 22172
RP 71291
SE 82070
ST 84120

Charm Square Group (RECEIVED):
BH 53022
MC 48315 - 2 spots
SP (CMQG) - 2 Spots

And the fabrics I'm still waiting on receiving:

Still waiting on fabrics from:
ST (charms + FE)
LMJ (charm + FE)
AC (charm)
AR (charm)
SL (charm)
JH (charm)

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