Cotton + Steel, "Basics", Swap update (as of Saturday, September 20)

3:00:00 PM

Hi All!

Here are the fabrics received as of Sat, Sept 20. Next update will be mid-late next week :)

A reminder that sign-ups for the "Hatbox" round start on Tuesday!

Fat Eighth Group 1:
AC 02176
AR (Int'l)
DB 32163

IJ (Int'l)
JK 96789
MC (int'l)
ME 22172
RP 71291 - 2 spots
SP 60446Fat Eighth Group 2:
AS 60304
DB 32163
IJ (Int'l)
JK 96789
LM (int'l)
MC (int'l)
ME 22127
RP 71291 - 2 spots
SP 60446
Charm Square Group:
AL (int'l) - 3 spots
AR (int'l)
BH 53022
DU 91739
GL 06812 - 2 spots
JK 96789
LG 97405
MC (int'l)
MC 48315
MF 46168
ST 84120 - 2 spots

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