WIP Wednesday: I {Heart} My Boy!

4:41:00 PM

Super quick WIP Wednesday here - I'm only going to post about one project today, when the reality is I have about a million on the burners.

I've been working on this heart quilt as part of an upcoming blog hop through the Fat Quarter Shop, and decided to modify the pattern a bit with respect to size. It'll hang over my baby boy's crib, and hopefully will be cool enough for him to hang for most of his childhood, tee hee.

More on this project soon; I did manage to bind it last night, but I don't consider it finished until I can get the sleeve sewn on!

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  1. Hi Erin,

    Totally lovin' your heart. So I thought I would make one (or two) for a charity quilt. But I am not understanding the quilt math for the HST's.

    The pattern says:
    Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the 5"
    background squares.
    With right sides facing, layer one 5" background square
    and one 5" charm square.
    Stitch on the drawn line and trim ¼” away from the seam.
    Half Square Triangle Unit should measure 5” x 5”.

    So my question is: How do 2 - 5" charms yield 2 - 5" HST's???
    This is my math: To yield 5" unfinished HST you would add 4 1/2" (the size of the finished HST) plus 7/8" to get a 5 3/8" square.
    How did you make yours?



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