Playing around with Dr. Seuss ABCs: Dream Big with the Fat Quarter Shop!

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Hi all!

I was so stoked when the Fat Quarter Shop asked that I be a part of their "Dream Big with Dr. Seuss" blog hop!

Robert Kaufman has done it again with another gorgeous line of Dr. Seuss prints, this line called "ABC":
 The fabric in the center is a large panel with ABCs on it, which I have plans for one day creating a nice cozy blankie for the kids for the living room!

I had a lot of fun playing with these fabrics, and made a few (much needed) things for the kids, stuff I'd been meaning to do for quite some time!

First up was a little cover for a blank-page book for my 2-year old for coloring. I loved the multi-colored ABC fabric, and decided to quilt a cover for her book!

I used my ThermOWeb spray adhesive (I love this stuff. So much faster than pin basting!) which made the project go that much quicker. I quilted the blocks with a 40wt Aurifil to make them pop a bit more:
 ...and put a little polka-dot green button on the front with an elastic closure:'s hard to see, but I used the really pretty polka-dot print from the line for the lining:

Next up:
Well, now she had a skookum journal cover, she had to have an upgrade on the old Ziploc holding her (beat-up!) crayons to match!

Mum and Dr. Seuss to the rescue!

I used some left-over 20ga vinyl I had left over from another project and some of the awesome striped fabric in the line for a matching crayon bag:

Super cute, right? I think the yellow zipper looks great with the fabric :)

Next up:
Whenever I go out with the kids, I always make sure to have a bunch of snacks with us. My kids get SUPER cranky really quickly if I don't keep them fed. So I have this large, beat-up Ziploc bag which I put all of their pre-packaged snacks in when we go out. I'll also stick dry cloths, bibs, etc., in there for their snack time.

I decided we needed something a bit nicer than that - so I made a couple of 'wet' bags for taking their snacks out with us, and again, used some vinyl for it.

I made two, one for Audrey (in the white bear print) and one for Ewan (in the blue bear print):
So, now I can get rid of that gungy old Ziploc, and replace it with their own individual bags:

Thanks so much to the Fat Quarter Shop for asking me to play along!

They are unveiling their own surprise project and tutorial today using these fabrics! You can visit their video tutorial {here} or click to view below to see how they used this wonderful line by RK!

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  1. Cool little projects! Those really are cute prints. thank you for sharing.

  2. Those are so cute. I LOVE those vinyl bags. I may have to make a few for the children around here.

  3. Great ideas! I need to get more organized for outings with the kids.

  4. I really like those bags, Erin. I have some vinyl, but I have never thought about making snack bags or anything like that. Now, I am thinking these would make neat little bags to store sewing supplies and you would be able to see what is inside them. Thank you for sharing some really great ideas.

  5. Love the book cover and bags, wonderful use.

    Patricia C

  6. I have never sewn with vinyl. I think my daughters would love these bags for their little ones.

  7. My mother always said, "Something to chew is something to do." I never took the kids anywhere without a bag of graham crackers or cheerios.

  8. Love the vinyl bags! such a cute idea!

  9. I've decided since you keep making projects that are right up my alley that I need to follow the shenanigans! :P I think that coloring book cover is such a great idea, and I am in love with the striped fabric you used on the crayon bag. Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Absolutely love those vinyl bags!!! I will have to make some for my grandson. The book cover would be great for him too...altogether great ideas. Used the flannel polka-dot on the back of his I Spy quilt I made him last year, loved it. This new line looks just as great.

  11. I love the journal cover! It would make such a great birthday gift for any kid, toddler - maybe grade 1 or 2.


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