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I know I'm a little late to the party in posting about this - or I think I am - as QuiltCon acceptances/rejections emails went out in mid-December.

I've been a bit busy, though! More about that in another post...

I was SUPER lucky to have TWO(!) quilts accepted as judged pieces to QuiltCon, and I'm super excited about that - more in an upcoming post -

But I thought I'd share with everyone my QuiltCon rejects (or, if you're on Instagram, #quiltconreject )

First up, my took-forever-and-a-day quilt: "Reinventing the Wheel":

This is a 100% English Paper Pieced (hand-pieced) quilt, and has 11 blocks contributed by my fellow bee members of "Get Your Hex On". It measures in at almost 70" square, and every color, except one, were Konas.

The quilt design is my own original; I loved making this quilt. I lost weight making this quilt - EPP is an awesome way to keep your hands out of a chip bag at night while you watch tv.

The gorgeous quilting was done by Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting. She's amazing. I absolutely loved what she did with it!

To be honest, I'm a little surprised that this quilt wasn't accepted - I thought for sure it would be. Oh well. It's going to hang in my new sewing space and give inspiration when I really need it.

Next up:

Okay, so admittedly, I never thought this one would get accepted, but hey, you throw enough noodles at the wall and one is bound to stick, right?

This one was for the Panasonic Bias Tape Challenge. And I had never in my life made or used bias tape on a quilt before - it was a long shot. But I had a quilt design in mind for my hubby for Christmas, and I thought he'd love this one, so I gave it a shot.

 I love the use of solids, and of wonky improve piecing. And heck, I'm Canadian. I don't think I need to say anymore.

I love how the maple leaves turned out; the bias tape stems and branches I used Osnaburg for - it's a 100% unbleached cotton with a lot of texture, much like muslin, but used as an upholstery liner. I really like the look - I wanted something with texture, but not overbearing. The one thing about Osnaburg, though - it's got a lot of natural stretch to it...which made it a bit wildly to work with. But I'll definitely use it in future quilts when piecing - it makes it more fun ;)
I think for my first shot at bias tape quilting I did well. Can't win 'em all, and really, all that matters is that my husband loves it and uses it every night in front of the tv. Winner!

Linking up to Val's Quilting Studio for TGIFF!

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  1. What a fantastic hexagon quilt. I love hexies, and bright colours, so this is candy for me.

  2. Yes...seriously wonderful hexi quilt. You'll have to stop by and share this under our Modern QUilts Theme next week at TUesday ARchives linky...it's just absolutely ingeniuos!! LOVE IT! Val:)

  3. Erin, both quilts are gorgeous. I love EPP hexagons whether its making them or viewing them in someone else's quilt. Your quilt is delicious eye candy. "Fall" is very Canadian. I adore the colours and the design. I think your husband's love of it is the highest praise it could receive.

  4. I have been continually amazed at the rejected quilts of QuiltCon! Both your quilts are gorgeous!

  5. Given what has been rejected, I am really looking forward to seeing what has been accepted. It had better be better than the ones not in! Love the maple leaf variation!

  6. I think that you have a great attitude about the whole thing. The hexie quilt is stunning, and would your husband have been able to part with "Fall" to let it go to the show anyway? :)

  7. goodness.. if they are the rejects!!.. wow! I would not kick either one x

  8. Wow Erin that EPP Hexagon quilt is so gorgeous! I would have been disappointed that it didn't make it in because the size of that design on a show floor would be stunning. I know you said you have two others in the show and I am sure they will be fabulous. I do love the wonkiness inside your maple leaves..cool idea!

  9. Erin I think "Fall" is my very favorite! I just love maple leaf quilts and your interpretation is so appealing!

  10. Listen, you totally score with two pretty quilts at your house, right? Your hexie one is an absolute stunner - love the design!

  11. Wow, that hexie quilt is amazing! Just love it.

  12. Erin, your hexie quilt is gorgeous!! And this Canadian loves your Fall quilt too. I love the variety of solids you used for each leaf and how that gives them such dimension.

  13. I really like your Hexie quilt! Bright & vibrant!
    Your autumn leaves quilts is a lovely touch for fall!

  14. I think both these quilts are freakin amazing and I feel sorry for people at quiltcon since they won't get to see them.

  15. I saw your hexie quilt in the Quilt Inspiration email and it is just gorgeous!!


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