The chaos that is the Sew at Home Mummy household...

12:36:00 PM

Oh. My. Goodness.

Well, 2014 went out with a BANG!

We spent the 4 days over the Thanksgiving weekend haggling over this beaut with its sellers:

Don't you love that door??? Although, the yellow may need to go...
our 1960 midcentury modern house. WOOT!
...and then spent the next few weeks with inspections and lawyers and contractors.

We close on the house at the end of this month, so I've been busy scheduling movers and permits and moving boxes (yes! moving boxes! check these out: The Chicago Green Box) and all the rest of the stuff that goes with moving.

On top of that, December was my busiest month for Etsy sales, which I'm really happy about. I'm never going to be a millionaire, but it keeps me busy and makes me happy!

As well, we were SO lucky to have my parents fly the entire family down to Mexico to spend the holidays in the 85F weather (oh man, it was nice!). We had an absolute blast, and Audrey was in her absolute glory:

...we spent every day on the beach or at the pool, and the kids had a blast. Ewan was a bit fussy for the whole trip, but what can you expect from a 1 year old?


I'll be busy with house-y stuff for the next month or so while my husband and I make some improvements to it before we all move in in mid-February. I get to bust out my DIY skillz I've been squelching for the last 4 years whilst we rented.

Boo ya.

Look out.

Might have to rename the blog "DIY & Sew at Home Mummy"

I jest.

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  1. Congrats Erin!!! I'm so excited for you. I love that door!!!

  2. I'm glad to know it was only a house purchase that you alluded to upending your life! It's charming. Welcome to the world of home ownership!

  3. Congrats! Love the lines of the house!

  4. Congratulations! Here's hoping for a stress-free move. Okay, that NEVER happens but you can always dream! Have fun in the chaos.

  5. Wonderful news! Great house! You know, I like the yellow door! Looking forward to DIY pictures.

  6. DIY Erin to the rescue....who knows? Maybe you'll be DIYing for other people soon. Regardless, now is your chance to have fun! Go all the way with it! Congratulations!

  7. OMG this house! This house is amazing and its yours?! How cool is that!!! Enjoy!!!

  8. That house is quite the Find! Absolutely blown away by it and I wish there was one where I live so I could buy it! Lucky you! Good luck with all the yuckiness and joy that goes with moving!

  9. Congratulations! So excited for you! Hope the move goes smoothly... and give that little mini me a hug from her Aunty Max.. :) OMG... she is adorable.

  10. Oh Congratulations!! You'll be busy, but what a good busy!! Have fun! :)

  11. I love love the house and I love the yellow door.. mine is RED... congrats girl xo,

  12. hope all goes well.. everything crossed x

  13. So excited for you to move into your very own house!! Hooray!!!

  14. I love the door, current color and all.


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