Back in Black: Works in Progress Wednesday

8:30:00 AM

This is a quick post for today!

We are off to IKEA this morning in search of something to help me with the chaos that is our master bedroom closet. It's a hot mess. We need some sort of organization plan.

Somehow we ended up with the smallest closet in the house. Our 3 year old has a closet twice the size of ours - we need help. I'm not exactly a fashionista but I am the type to hold onto and wear my clothes for many, many years. Tee hee.

In between the chaos of the Sew at Home Mummy household's daily shenanigans, I've been working on another subcontract for my friend Elizabeth making patient physiotherapy support vests for a local robotics company. So here's my work in progress for this week:
....working on the hip pads in the above Singer 201 (a vintage machine) burns through the thick dense foam layers like it's butter. Love it! I'll continue to post pics of this project on my Instagram feed {here} and I'll try to make sure to post some pics here on the blog as the vests come together. They are really something, the finished product!

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  1. I hear you on the closet space. We have a tiny closet in our room as well. I don't know if you live near The Container Store, but they have awesome clear storage containers and even better, the prices are great on them, plus the lids snap closed. (check the lids before you leave though just to be sure as we got one group of them that didn't.) I use them to organize my sewing room but they have created these storage boxes for clothing, shoes, boots, under bed storage and like I said, great prices too. Good luck on the organization.

  2. It doesn't matter how big the closet (or cupboard here in the UK) is it's never big enough. We have an old victorian house that is lovely but very short on storage space. Good luck sorting out your storage.

  3. I agree with you...I have clothes that I still wear that I bought, at a thrift store, years and years ago. I think my oldest shirt is 25 years old! I look like I am a clothes hoarder, but what happens is I love the things I buy and I don't toss them out. I just keep adding. Sometimes I won't wear something for a year or two, then I'll start wearing it every week! Just what kind of people are we?


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