Sunday Stash Share: Black Friday Finds - Computers and Mats and Aurifil, Oh My!

9:58:00 AM

Black Friday in our house wasn't overly exciting this year.

I usually stalk my favorite online haunts in my pjs, enjoying my coffee, while the kids play with Daddy.

This year was a bit different; I managed to save enough money from my little Etsy shop business and from my online survey shenanigans to buy a new laptop - which is huge for me - my old one is, well, old, and quite literally falling apart. There is actual duct tape on it.

So once I had dropped that kind of coin, I was

A) pretty much out of money, and
B) pretty flipping stoked about the computer and had very little attention span with regards to any other shopping tee hee

Did I mention - the computer is PINK? Because I was overly enthusiastic about said purchase, I dedicated a post to it, (here).

I *did* however pick up two other quilty things -

A new large cutting mat, 23x35, double sided - $27!

and a few Chicago Modern Quilt Guild friends and I went in on an awesome sale at Craftsy and managed to pick up Aurifil at $6.50/spool:

 Aurifil quilting thread on sale at Craftsy
*(And FYI: Craftsy still has a sale going on on their Aurifil and Fabrics (Aurifil is on for $7.15 a spool)

All in all, a great shopping excursion after a long drought. Not bad, right?

What did YOU pick up on Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

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  1. You can never have enough Aurifil. I was out of town and heard about the sale and did not have my Aurifil color chart to see what I needed or I would have ordered more.

  2. Wow, what a great price for a large cutting mat and Aurifil. I have dreams of having a spool of every color... :)

  3. yeah! I have a HP Chromebook - mine is coral! It's so fun having a coloured laptop. Love the pink mat too :) I got some stuff for the kids and some stickers for my planner. I didn't get any fabric in the black friday sale, I had already ordered some and was waiting for some other lines to be released. Trying to buy what I want and need rather than just for the price!


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