Playing with Superheroes and Medallions

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My boy is turning 3 in November. I can't believe it. And with 3, comes his new big boy bed. Which means - he needs a quilt!

Ewan's New Superhero Quilt:
I've made him a couple of quilts over the last few years - both of them being super hero related. My husband is a comics scholar (so there was no way of getting around the whole super hero theme *cough* - I wanted a woodlands theme, for the record...)

His first quilt was a retro-looking Superman comic book cover pieced quilt I made for him before he was born - and he had his newborn photos taken on them -

Boys superhero quilt ideas
Ewan, 5 days old
I love this quilt - I backed it in minky and had a longarmer pantograph a pattern with rocket ships on it - it's his favorite thing in the world -
Superhero quilt ideas for boys, superman quilt

The second quilt I made for him was a simple panel quilt, backed with minky, which I quilted with a simple stipple -

boys quilt ideas marvel quilt

Well, flash forward to 2016 and he's turning 3, and he's more super hero crazy than ever. Specifically, he's nuts about Marvel. Even more specifically, he's nuts about the Avengers.

(bu-bye dreams of having my boy's woodland themed bedroom - le sigh)

I've chosen to go with it. Run with it. Why not. It makes him happy!

And so, The Avengers Quilt was sketched and designed - and it was time for me to pull out the fusible and play with some applique. And I'm freaking excited at how it's turning out so far -
POP QUIZ! Name the Hero associated with the symbol!
uoɔlɐℲ 'uɐW uoɹI 'ɹoɥ┴ 'ɐɔᴉɹǝɯ∀ uᴉɐʇdɐƆ 'ǝʎǝʞʍɐH :ɹ-˥
I'm having a blast with this one. He is going to FLIP OUT when he opens this present!!!

Medallion Quilt Progress:
I've also managed to put 2 more rows on my Medallion quilt for the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Medallion Quilt Along:

I ended up putting a row of V and Co's* Ombre solid pink around the outside - I had 10"xWOF scrap left over from another prject that came in really handy - and I think it goes perfectly with the Kate Spain Canyon prints*. I love it.

One of my favorite things in the world is when I wing something and it turns out amazeballs. I really like how the fading works with the center medallion...

(pats self on back)

What have YOU been up to?

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  1. Super heroes are a big deal for my youngest too. Your quilt is going to be fantastic, and I'm sure he'll be dragging it around with him everywhere :) Your medallion quilt is looking great too. How much bigger are you planning to make it?


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