Fun Ideas for the Ultimate Pink-themed Sewing Studio Supplies Wishlist!

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So, wishlist season is upon us.

Every year my husband and I exchange Amazon or Pinterest-board wishlists with each other (I'm the one that likes to use Pinterest - for some reason I tend to remember to 'pin' things there rather than search for it on Amazon and then add it to my wishlist there. Plus my Amazon wishlist is always a bunch of stuff for the house (case in point: first 5 items currently on it are electrical outlet and switch related. I kid you not.))

With the (hopefully!) nearing completion of my basement sewing studio renovation, I could think of some fun things I might like or need in my new space. And what's more fun than adding a splash of color to your machines, tools and notions, I thought?

So I started adding a bunch of stuff to my wishlist board when I realized that a lot of it was pink (to which I chuckled to myself at my husband having to buy so many pink things (or I hope he's going to be buying off of my list (HUNNY if you're reading this (which I know you do) PLEASE buy off of my list, it's safer that way...)) and then smiled at how bright and fun the quilting and sewing world has become!)

Then I thought ooh. This would look good in a collage (HUNNY - see? I made a collage! I put a lot of work into my list, Hunny. Just sayin'...)

I'm here to share with you a few cool and fun pink gadgets from Amazon* that this sewist and quilter loves or wants (HINT HUNNY) from her wishlist:

Pink-themed gift ideas for sewing enthusiasts and quilters, colorful sewing gadgets, irons, cutting mats. Stocking stuffer ideas for women? || Sew at Home Mummy
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Here are my thoughts on each item, as I actually own some of these, want some of these, and just plain like the looks of the others!

1) Singer Simple 3223R Sewing Machine: Here's a post I recently featured on this machine; I definitely don't need it, but it has great ratings, is cute, has an internal metal frame, and at less than $100 would be a great travel machine which wouldn't break the bank while I save up for my Featherweight!

2) Olfa 45mm Pink Rotary Cutter: One of my favorite cutters is this Olfa brand original style (I have the original yellow one). You have to love the easy-to-change blades and the lightweight feel. I also love that a donation with the sale of each cutter goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

3) Clover Pen Chaco Chalk Marker: I put these ones on my list, in pink and in white. I've heard some really great things about these chalk pens, and my longarmer-friend @sparklesaxdesigns on Instagram was just showing me how they work the other night - so plop! - onto the list they went! 

4) 50 Pack Pink Binding Clips: I do love to have a stack of binding clips around - they are so handy to have! I have 2 jars full - I use them in almost every project I touch. And these ones come in a stack of colors.

5) Oliso Smart Iron 1800W: I have the original yellow version. It's a good iron, especially if you have upper extremity issues like I do (I tore my pec minor several years ago and my shoulder has never been the same) - these irons are great for repetitive strain injuries. My yellow one is still kicking so this one didn't make my list but it's pink (!) and it's a good iron. (also - if pink isn't your color - it now comes in purple!)

6) Silicone Iron Hot Pad: This, this I need. Especially for my little iron (that I want and is listed below because I killed my Rowenta travel iron 2 quilting retreats ago when it sparked and caught fire...) that I like to have sitting next to me while I piece. I'm always paranoid I'm going to knock my iron over with my elbow onto the floor (which is another reason why I love my Oliso, above - because it stands on it's longest side it is really hard to knock over, unlike traditional irons...)

7) Soft Tape Measure: I have one of these bad boys and I have to say, I use it all the time. I find it a lot easier to pull this measure out rather than to use a ruler, especially when I need to take a quick measurement of a quilt top, etc. Super handy to have.

8) Dritz Long Pearlized Pins: My absolute *favorite* pins in the entire world. They are smooth while pinning, don't snag, stay sharp a long time, are hard to 'kill' with my sewing machine (when I'm sewing over pins...don't tell Janome) and they are so freaking fun to look at. I know a lot of quilters like the finer glass head pins but I burn through those ones so quickly, bending, snapping, wrecking (what can I say, I'm hard on pins...). These ones are my favorite.

9) 5-Ply Double Sided Cutting Mat (Pink and Blue): This is a US Art Supply mat, and I find that it's very similar to my Havel's pink cutting mats I have (which I love). I put the link in there for the 18x24" mat, but I have their larger 24x36 mat and totally love it. It is HEAVY, thick, and I have yet to mark any of these mats permanently (either the US Art Supply OR the Havel's mats) unlike other name-brand, much thinner mats I've used in the past (and I've used/gone through a lot of mats...) I can't recommend either of these pink mats enough!

10) Havel's 8" Scissors: I have these scissors in an 8" and a 7" and I LOVE them. They are so super sharp. Plus, they come with their own snap on blade guard which I love, especially with the kids running around. Can't recommend them enough!

11) Fiskars Designer Bent 8" Scissors: Another pair of scissors, and they were added to my wishlist this year! They also have a matching rotary cutter - I love the triangles on these snips, super quilty.

12) Clover Wedge Iron: Did I mention above that I killed my Rowenta travel steam iron last year? Like, it literally popped, sizzled, started to smoke, then caught on fire while at a quilt retreat. I kid you not. It was horrible, and I was so choked! Anywho. I've done without a mini iron for long enough - but I wasn't impressed with what was on the market, then, lo and behold - Clover comes out with this mini wedge iron and I'm willing to take one for the team here and test one out (HUBBY - are you reading?? I really want this iron for Christmas please!!). It'll be perfect for my little pull out ironing board I'm designing and getting ready to build  ♪♩ whistles and stares off into space ♪♩  

**not so subtle hint**

So! Hopefully I have been obvious enough for my husband. I now have a wishlist in email, Pinterest, and blog form for him; I think I might even share it on my Facebook since I know he stalks there, too. 

(As an aside: how do YOU communicate wishlists to your significant other? I know some of my friends don't even bother anymore, they just buy their own gifts - that's no fun though.)

What is on your wishlist for the holidays or your special event? Have you found any cool colorful gadgets for your sewing or quilting studio that you're in love with? I'd love to hear about it in the comments - I'm interested to see and hear about new things (or old!) on the market that myself or others may not know about!

*this post contains affiliate links to Amazon at no additional cost to you. For more information, please visit my Disclosure Statement and Advertising Policies page. 

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  1. no excuse for him now saying he does not know what your desires are!!! I have a featherweight love it but envious of the cutting mats not seen those makes here in the UK would love a pink one find the dark green are hard to use on dark fabrics best of luck with Santa.

    1. You know Margaret, I find the dark green mats and the yellow mats hard to cut on for the same reason. That's why I have fallen in love with these pink mats, they are easy to look at and they are so thick. I wonder what shipping to the UK would be?

  2. I try sending him links to things I want, but he never pays any attention. LOL

    1. I hear ya. I told my hubby what I wanted how many ways? He told me yesterday he didn't know what to buy me. Oh my goodness...


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