Too cool–‘Reinventing the Wheel’ featured–and it *wasn’t* a la QuiltCon.

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This is just a quick post here for a Monday morning – last week Mancuso (Quiltfest) featured my quilt ‘Reinventing the Wheel
Why QuiltCon shouln't be the only show modern quilters ever consider submitting to - Reinventing the Wheel by Erin Davis of Sew at Home Mummy
in their call for entries/newsletter for their Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA in February this year!
Mid-atlantic quilt festival newsletter
It was fun to see this in my email inbox last week -
Mid-atlantic quilt festival newsletter a
this was a bee quilt that won Honorable Mention in their Modern category last year (2016) at the same show (Mid-Atlantic).

Here’s the original post on the finish of the quilt when I didn’t get into QuiltCon.
I was upset when it didn’t get accepted to QuiltCon – and the reason for my write up today isn't to gloat about this, honest - but -

this post is my way of encouraging modern quilters (and quilters that don’t call themselves ‘modern’) to look outside of QuiltCon – QuiltCon is not the be-all end-all of quilt shows.  
Entered a quilt and didn’t get into QuiltCon? Enter it somewhere else. Consider another show – AQS, IQF, Quiltfest, the list goes on. The Big Boys who’ve been around a LOT longer than the MQG are seeing the need for ‘Modern’ themed exhibits and are always looking for entries.
There’s my 2 cents for today. Keep on truckin’.

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