Refinishing a 185k: Work in Progress Wednesday

11:00:00 AM

Spring in Chicago, and all the joys I mean, thunderstorms, it brings.

While the weather yo-yos up and down and the barometric pressure follows, I sit patiently waiting with my Singer 185k parts in a state of readiness - waiting to be primed and painted...

Singer 185k stripped and ready for repaint - restoration by Sew at Home Mummy, Chicago Illinois

I spent last weekend while the kids played in the yard cleaning up the deck, moving all of our patio furniture out of our unheated garage and setting up a make-shift painting station for myself in said garage so that I can at least be ready for painting when and if I can ever get 3 or 4 days here in Chi-town where the humidity is optimal and the temperature stays above 55F.

I have about an hour or so more of sanding to do on the main machine and a good scrub and I'm ready to tape and prime.

>>drums fingers<<

My goal is to finish sanding tonight and tomorrow night after the kids go to bed and have it ready for paint for Saturday, if the weather holds.

I'll update when I can finally start painting...

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  1. What color are you painting it? I liked the green.

    1. I hope you check back here Missy, because all of the sudden your profile is a no-reply blogger!
      I'm keeping the color a secret for now - partly because I haven't honestly completely decided 100% yet on it and because what I think I want I'm still trying to source! Heheh thanks for asking!


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