Quilting with a Scandinavian Feel: Feeling 'JOL'ly

3:54:00 PM

It's April.

You know what that means: it's time to start thinking about winter holidays. No pressure.

(WAIT! Don't virtually hit me!)

My desk, my work space, my cutting table, my sewing machine - all covered in Scandinavian inspired, holiday-themed, red, white and grey fabrics and I am loving it.

I know. I should be thinking of summer and bright colored quilts but I love this project for a couple of reasons -

  1. it makes me nostalgic for my youth. When I was in my 20s, I traveled a lot, and one of the places I backpacked was Norway. And it is gorgeous there. So it reminds me a bit of the beautiful scenery there
  2. making something for winter when it's only spring makes me feel viciously ahead of the game, and gives my brain the false illusion that HA! I am SO organized, look HOW organized I am! BOO YA. (it's all a facade, really...)
  3. I think that almost anything Scandinavian in feel (be it pattern, color, design, furniture, you name it..) has a link back to the mid century modernism I like to stalk on Pinterest and other interweb outlets, and hope to one day acquire a house full of golden mid century Unicorn-esque pieces (the ones you see everyone else finding in trash bins and at the side of the road on their way home from work on garbage day, the rare pieces that are, you know, solid wood, great shape, would be perfect for that spot in my ____room, etc.)

The line of prints I'm using?

JOL by Wenche Wolff Hatling for Moda. And it is SO cute.

Don't you love my super high-tech marking system? Sticky notes and binding clips.
I'm in the process of working on this project for a blog hop at the beginning of May. I paired it with this beautiful silver minky I picked up on Amazon.com* (aff link) for the backing -

...I'm about ¾s of the way through the 'sub' piecing part in prep for assembling my blocks. It's going to be a lap-sized quilt and it's coming together nicely, especially since I just *may* be doing all of my pressing at night in front of the good old tv.

Really, really in love with it, and can't wait to be done this project and have it be the right time of year for it to be draped over the back of my couch in my living room!

This designer has another fabric line out called Nordic Stitches* (aff link) (just recently I think?) again, winter themed, and I'll be saving up for it now too. It's been added to my wishlist, it is sooo cute. Again, Scandinavian inspired!
Stay tuned for the finished product. I am really excited.

What are YOU working on this week?

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