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Good morning, all!

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be one of Aurifil Thread's 2017 Artisans this year!

If you're not familiar with Aurifil, they are an Italian thread company which produces the most gorgeous cotton, wool, polyester and nylon mono-filament threads I've ever used. Established in 1983, Aurifil is an accomplished Italian company based near Milano, with a full- grown experience in producing superior quality cotton threads for professional and domestic quilters. They make threads in all different weights, including floss, and their new, re-vamped website has fantastic tips on how to utilize each type of thread weight.

I personally use their 50wt and 12wt most frequently. The 50wt is absolutely wonderful for piecing - it has little to zero lint, and because of its finer weight, I change my bobbin so much less frequently than other 50wts. Despite being a finer thread, I don't find any difference in tensile strength compared to other brands, and, because it's cotton, it doesn't tend to 'slip' out of the ends of seams when I'm piecing like a poly 50wt would (in my experience).

I'm excited to work with Aurifil this year and share projects with you featuring this awesome thread.
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Special thanks to Aurifil for selecting me to be a part of this partnership!

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  1. Just goes to show that my favorite thread company has very good taste!

  2. Congratulations! I love Aurifil Thread...


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